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Student travel opportunities, including study abroad, are an important aspect of the academic and co-curricular environment at any college. Friends University’s unique travel opportunities are not just tourism, but real academic and culturally-immersive experiences. Through the International Education Programs (IEP) office you can study abroad over a semester, intern abroad, volunteer abroad, participate in faculty-led programs, and/or participate in a non-credit bearing international trip. Come and study with Friends University so you can Soar and Explore!

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To learn more about international opportunities through the IEP contact:

Jordan Threadgill
Study Abroad Advisor
Office: Davis Administration Building 209A
Office 316-295-5442
Skype jordanthreadgill
Twitter @JTStudyAbroad


Spanish Language in Spain*
Students will explore Central and Southern Spain in vibrant cities and classic rural towns; watch the landscape transform as you travel from Madrid to Granada; live with a Spanish host family; attend class with a local language instructor at Proyecto Español; and spend time on the plazas of Granada improving their language skills in exciting and authentic settings. Guided day trips will include: a visit to the Alhambra Palace in Granada, a tapas dinner with flamenco dancing in El Sacromonte; a visit to the Prado Museum in Madrid to see famous works of Spanish art; and a trip to Las Alpujarras, a picturesque historical region on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada.
Dates: May 25-June 20, 2015
Courses: 6 total- SPAN 480 Advanced Spanish Conversation (3 credits) and SPAN 300 Spanish Culture through Media (3 credits)
Faculty: Dr. Megan Hughes-Zarzo, Dr. Manuel Urrutia-Zarzo
Program Director: Dr. Megan Hughes-Zarzo
*Sponsored by IEP

M.S. Organization Development in Quito, Ecuador*
Students from the Master of Science in Organization Development program will participate in field-based action research projects in partnership with organizations in Quito, Ecuador. They will also design and conduct an international field project including data collection, analysis, and reporting of results.
Dates: June 1- June 8, 2015
Course: ORGD 655 International Organization Development (3 credits)
Faculty: Dr. Susan Shannon
Program Director: Dr. Dona Gibson
*Sponsored by IEP

MGLM Global Leadership Management in Beijing, China
The Master of Global Leadership and Management (MGLM) program includes a week-long business residency in Beijing, China. Students will participate in business meetings and round table discussions with leading Chinese executives. The goal of business residency abroad is to provide an opportunity for the graduating class to benchmark their academic knowledge of international business against business practices in a foreign country.
Dates: June 2015
Course: MGMT 691 Global Leadership Management (3 credits)
Program Director: Dr. Valentina Chappell

Health Sciences in Cancún, México
Students will travel to Cancún to complete a service learning experience at local care institutions. Students will complete their service practicum during the mornings at local institutions for the care of the elderly and disabled children; the afternoons will be spent at La Salle University in special sessions for discussing and processing their experiences. During the weekends, cultural activities such as vising a Mayan village, climbing Ek Balam pyramid and swimming in a cenote are planned. In the Spring semester prior, students will complete a required beginner’s course in medical Spanish that will include some of the current cultural issues in México.
Pre-requisite requirements:

  • Be a student in the Health Sciences program
  • Have sophomore status
  • Have at least one year of coursework at Friends Univeristy, or instructor consent
  • Have completed (1) Cellular and Mollecular Biology with a C or better

Dates: May 2015
Course: GNST 300 Study Abroad: Health Sciences (3 credits)
Program Director: Dr. Karyn Turla


Conversational Spanish and Spanish-American Literature and Culture in Cancún, México
Students will study the Spanish language, Mexican history, and Mayan culture at La Salle University in Cancún while living with a host family.
Dates: May-June 2015
Course: SPAN 498 Advanced Conversation and Spanish American Literature and Culture (6 credits)
Program Director: Dr. Jerry Smartt

Travel Workshop to London, England
This course is designed to program students the opportunity to experience overseas travel while fulfilling their general education requirement for a world culture credit. GNST 498 is a course designed to expand your cultural experiences while teaching you how to travel with purpose. By participating in this course, you will learn about the history, culture, religions, government, and economic philosophies of the United Kingdom. The culmination of GNST 498 is a 14-day visit to one of the world’s truly great cities- London! We stay in comfortable, secure flats in the heart of London with easy walking distance of great restaurants, tube (subway) and rail stations, eclectic shopping, world renowned theatres, and historic museums and landmarks. On this program, you will have the ability to personalize your itinerary to your tastes and desires. Graduate students in the HIST 610 course will be eligible to participate in this opportunity as well.
Dates: May 27- June 9, 2015
Courses: Undergraduate- GNST 498 Studies Abroad Workshop – Great Britain (3 credits), Graduate- HIST 610 Studies Abroad Workshop – Great Britain (3 credits)
Faculty: Dr. Arlen Honts and Dr. Stan Harstine
Program Director: Dr. Arlen Honts

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