Banana Bandits
Some might say that Friday mornings at Friends University are rather a-peeling. Students who arrive on campus in the morning are treated to a potassium-packed breakfast of delicious bananas. The only catch is – you have to find them first. A mysterious phenomenon that began in 2012, this weekly tradition can now be attributed to a bunch of students calling themselves the Banana Bandits, who spend Thursday nights buying and hiding the fruit around campus.

Cherry Carnival
Winter means Cherry Carnival at Friends University. A homecoming tradition stretching back to 1929, the carnival has blossomed into a weeklong celebration – including a dance, a savory chili cook-off, movie night, races, obstacle courses, water gun fights, and the ever-popular Find the Cherry scavenger hunt.

Christmas Tree and Clock Tower Lighting
This annual Christmas tradition kicks off the season with student organizations decorating Christmas trees that line Centennial Lane. The University community gathers in the cozy halls of the Davis Administration Building to bring warmth to the winter season and to each other. ACTS of FAITH performs a holiday one-act and the Christmas story is read. The Christmas trees and the clock tower are lit as attendees sing carols.

While pretty much every university celebrates homecoming, nobody does it quite like Friends University – engaging the entire campus population from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community at-large. Festivities include a parade, block party, food, dancing, milestone reunions, music, drama, coronations, and of course, a football game. 

Salvation Army Service Day
Each year since 1992, Friends University staff, faculty and student groups join together to serve the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Project. The University closes for a day in mid-December to assist the group with picking up and sorting donated Christmas gifts, assembling bikes and decorating the gift distribution facility.

When the loud clang of pots and pans resonate from the halls of the Davis Administration Building, that can only mean one thing: WALKOUT! In celebration of a regular-season athletic conference championship, students take to the halls outside the president’s office with a resounding clatter, asking the president for a Walkout to celebrate the team’s achievements. If the president grants the Walkout request, students are given a day off from classes. The Student Government Association treats students to lunch and activities. This tradition dates back to the 1950s.