Transfer Students

Students from other accredited institutions may be admitted to advanced standing upon the presentation of official transcripts. A transcript is considered official when mailed direct to Friends from the previous institution. An official transcript from each college previously attended is required in order to be considered for admissions. Friends University normally accepts course credit from all regionally accredited colleges and universities. (Exception: In keeping with our Quaker heritage, Friends University does not accept ROTC military credits.)  Care should be taken not to duplicate work completed at the previous institution. (See guidelines for experiential learning credits.)

Courses within the major will not be waived and must be taken at Friends University.  Should an incoming transfer student have a previously completed course with the same or similar course title, the course may be accepted as an elective, and the student will be required to complete the major course in residence.

Students may not transfer in duplicate coursework taken after the start of his/her major coursework.

Credit is transferred with the grade earned in the course at the institution where the course was taken. All grades are calculated for a transfer GPA, including courses that might have been deleted from consideration by an “academic fresh start” at the transferring institution. Students should be aware that credits may be transcripted but not counted toward major or graduation requirements. “D” grades in major courses and certain other courses are not accepted toward graduation.

The Degree Completion programs require 46 credit hours from a four-year college (including the 30-hour residency requirement). All bachelor’s degree seeking students may use experiential learning credits (portfolio) to count as four-year college credits but not as residency credits.

The Friends University guidelines for translating proprietary school credit to Friends University credits are:

  1. The student must take proficiency examinations over the proprietary school courses for which they are seeking Friends University credit. The examinations can be given the first semester the student enrolls at Friends. (Refer to the credit by examination section for procedure and cost.) The Friends University faculty will make the final decision on grades and total hours.
  2. The student must successfully complete 15 hours of credit at Friends University before these translated credits will be added to the student’s official transcript.

Students submitting transcripts from previously non-regionally accredited institutions will have coursework transcripted in accordance with current transfer coursework policies in place at the University at the time of the student’s entry.  All courses and credit hours will be evaluated for appropriate course equivalency or elective credit at Friends University.

For courses with transcripted clock hours only, Friends will request the granting institution to calculate a conversion.  If no conversion is submitted, Friends will employ the following conversion calculation:  40 clock hours equal to 1 credit hour.  If a grade scale is not provided, letter grades will not be transcripted; the University will transcript a grade of CR for credit.

Clinical clock hours will be transcripted following the same conversion calculation of 40 clock hours to 1 credit hour.  Current policy and limits on clinical training, practicum, internship and cooperative education credit hour transfers will remain in effect.

Two-Year Transfer College Credits
The College of Adult and Professional Studies accepts four-year credits and transfer credit hours from two-year and four-year regionally accredited institutions.

CAPS students may transfer up to 78 credit hours from two-year regionally accredited institutions.

* Effective for the duration of the Degree Completion Program Cohort Teach-outs:
DCP program students may transfer up to 78 credit hours from two-year institutions.  PACE student may transfer up to 64 credit hours from two-year institutions.

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