What We Believe


Box vs. Arrow: It’s a journey … not a destination
The journey is about living out our identity in Christ to grow as disciples of Jesus and change the world.

A Journey to Freedom: Falling in love with Jesus again for the first time
We believe that God is the source of Love. This Love has the power to transform our lives from fear, worry and bondage into joy, peace and freedom. We believe this transformation is a journey of realizing and living in our true identity as children of God. It is a way of living … the God-with life.

A Journey to Breathe: God is out for our good
We believe that God is out for our good. Therefore, our worth is not found in what we do or in what we produce. By slowing down, we affirm that God provides all that we need. Building rhythms of rest in our lives allows the Holy Spirit to heal our wounds and fill our minds, bodies and souls with the things of God. Our worth comes from God.

A Journey of Worship: Seeing the divine in the daily
We believe that God guides us and provides for us along the journey. We believe that worship involves all of daily life and all of creation. Worship is about celebrating the work of God in our lives and in this world, regardless of what circumstances may say.

A Journey in Community: We do not walk alone
We believe that God created us to journey together. In a world that promises what it can’t deliver, the encouragement and support of intentional community is vital to the life and growth of a disciple of Jesus. We believe that intentional community is about being present where you are and requires a commitment to praying for each other, asking for help, speaking deeply to one another, sharing stories and playing together.

A Journey Outward: Joining the work of God in the world
We believe that God provides what we need to effectively serve others. As we continue the journey of accepting what God has done for us, we are empowered to go out and care for the community near and far. The journey outward stems from an overflow of God’s love, the true source of joy in our lives.