Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of writing will the Writing/Academic Resource Center help me with?
Our staff will assist you with any type of writing, whether it be class essays, research projects, graduate theses, grant applications, biology reports or even history term papers. Just bring in your draft and assignment (class notes, handouts, syllabus, etc.), and we can help you.

Where is it located, and who helps you there?
Our main facility is located centrally on the main floor of the Davis Administration Building. For those students in Northeast Kansas, our Topeka Writing Center is also open during the week. Our staff is comprised of Friends University English instructors and student upperclassmen who have been through many hours of training to help you meet the demands of our faculty.

Besides tutoring, what does the Writing/Academic Resource Center offer?
Along with the quick writing advice you can receive, we have numerous grammar handouts; style and writing handbooks; several ESL (English as a Second Language) resources; dictionaries of all kinds; individual software programs for grammatical help; and computers with Internet access, word processing and printing. In addition, specific workshops are held at various times throughout the year.

How can I use the Writing/Academic Resource Center if I am not on campus during the hours the Center is open?
If you are in need of a resource handout, just access the link to our resources. If you are in need of help with a draft, you can email a Word document to