Writing/Academic Resource Center


The Writing/Academic Resource Center provides a variety of help for students in the areas of Writing, Sciences, Mathematics, Music Theory, Accounting, and Spanish. This free assistance is available on a drop-in basis in Room 109A Davis Administration Building. The Center is open Mondays through Thursdays from 11 to 7 p.m. and Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m.

Twenty peer-tutors, six professional writing tutors, and two professional math tutors offer one-on-one instruction for any type of writing to all levels of math and all varieties of sciences. Tutors also assist in all levels of Spanish, Music Theory and Accounting. Clients are asked to bring their assignments, drafts, and/or notes and handouts to facilitate tutoring.

The Writing/Academic Resource Center is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. This means that the Center provides tutors mandatory training and in-services on a variety of tutoring concerns, and conducts a minimum of 25 hours of tutoring instruction each semester. Currently the Writing/Academic Resource Center sees a minimum of 5,000 visits a year and completes a minimum of 4,431 hours of tutoring.

Resources for all types of writing, particularly research and documentation style, are available on the Friends University Web site under the term “Resource Handouts.” The Center keeps a variety of textbooks, handouts, dictionaries, and grammatical software for student use in the Center. Students may use the computers to write papers, search databases and internet, access email, work on Blackboard, etc.

Workshops are scheduled each semester in topics such as how to reduce math anxiety; how to take tests; how to study; and how to use APA documentation style. The professional tutors will give workshops in instructors’ classes when requested. Orientations occur in classes at the beginning of each semester and should be scheduled with the Center.

Group study sessions are scheduled before tests in most of the disciplines.

Students enrolled in Graduate School or the College of Adult and Professional Studies may elect to email their papers to the Writing/Academic Resource Center at writingc@friends.edu. This service exists throughout the year.

Topeka Writing/Academic Resource Center
(A professional is available to help with writing and math. Students with papers can email also.)

The Writing/Academic Resource Center is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Program. (View certification.)