Transfer Students Cost Info

Welcome to the Transfer Students Cost Info page. You can use both the calculator and table below to figure up net cost as a transfer student.

2019-2020 Transfer Students Cost Information

Tuition Package Plan
Tuition package plan (12-18 hours)$14,472$28,944
Activity fee$90$180
Student Accident Plan$85$170
Technology Fee$50$100
Total tuition and fees$14,467$29,394
Tuition and fees package plan | Room and board
Tuition and fees package plan (12-18 hours)$14,467$29,394
Two Bedroom Apartment (furnished) (other options available)$3,550**$7,100*
Upperclassman minimum meal plan**$615*$1,230*
Total tuition, fees, room and board$18,862$37,724
Individual cost and breakdown
Tuition per credit hour$965
Activity fee per credit hour$6
Student accident plan$85$170
Two Bedroom Apartment (furnished) (1 bedroom option available)$3,550*$7,100
Two Bedroom Apartment (unfurnished) (1 bedroom option available)$2,900*$5,800
Books (average cost)$500$1,000
Upperclass minimum required meal plan **$615*$1,230*

Friends tuition rate is the same for both in-state and out-of-state residents.

*Tuition, fees, room and board cost for 2019-20 academic year. Additional fees may apply.
**Required if living on campus; full meal plan options also available