Below are some videos that should give you a wonderful idea of what you will experience on this trip.

Overview Video


Vienna is the capital of Austria, the cradle of classical music, the home of the rich Habsburg heritage and one of Europe’s most livable cities. The city center is pedestrian-friendly and easily reached by the subway or electric street trolleys. Many buildings still reflect 18th- and 19thcentury elegance when the city was at the forefront of the arts and sciences. Compared with most modern European urban centers, the pace of life here is slow and to be enjoyed.


Salzburg is set against a background of mountains, crowned by the Hohensalzburg Fortress and divided by the turquoise Salzach River. Salzburg’s landscape is easy on the eyes. The Old City of Salzburg is a walking maze of streets, alleys and courtyards under the shadow of towering Baroque and Renaissance church steeples. Salzburg is made for sightseeing and photography. Ruling archbishops built gardens and mansions for their relaxation and pleasure; now they are available for the willing adventurer.


Munich (“München” in German), regarded as one of Germany’s most livable cities, is also one of its most historic, artistic and entertaining. Its imperial palaces, jewels and grand boulevards constantly remind visitors that Munich has long been a political and cultural powerhouse. Immerse yourself in the city’s art and history — crown jewels, Baroque theater, great paintings and beautiful parks. The Old City, surrounded by ancient gates is a place for exploration, shopping, dining and meditation or prayer in one of its many churches if the hustle and bustle becomes disturbing to your soul.


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