Mar 15

State of Tech Talk

Thursday at

Olive White Garvey Business and Technology Building, 203


Session Fee and Meal: To be provided by Sponsors – RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Please respond to by March 9, 2018 with name of attendee, company and contact email

Who should attend:
CIOs, CTOs, aspiring and experienced product/systems design and network administration personnel; programmers; change managers; and those responsible for information governance and its security.

Randy will once again provide us with his insight into top vendors and the state of various aspects of our current technology environment. His historically accurate insights into our industry’s future, including the security situation we are now facing, make his analyses a must for those responsible for real world systems.

His extensive experience gives him a perspective on the importance of security and technology integration that makes for interesting and lively discussion. Programming, hardware and software trends, function design, physical and virtual networks, virtual reality, the internet of things, managed services, innovative applications for productivity and security, storage and processes are all part of his practice and vision. His acquisition guidance has saved us all from major missteps over the years.

Please join us for this exceptional educational opportunity.