Professional MBA

Professional MBA

The professional MBA program, offered in Wichita, Topeka and online, includes significant learning experiences through case-studies, simulations, thought-provoking individual and collaborative projects, and stimulating classes taught by remarkable faculty and business leaders. This range of significant learning opportunities puts you in a position to be well-prepared academically and professionally in order to attain your career goals and aspirations.

The MBA degree program prepares men and women for leadership and significant professional positions in business and other organizations. The purpose of the MBA degree is to develop participants’ decision-making skills within the functional areas of business. MBA students typically come from for-profit and not-for-profit companies and represent a wide variety of career fields.

Students benefit from the collective business experiences of the other students in their class. The professional program allows you to network with others as well as business leaders in diverse career fields to enhance learning from each other and enhance career-oriented networks. Friends University is also pleased to have the first chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) at a private university in Kansas. The NAWMBA Friends University Chapter will host local and regional events throughout the year to provide opportunities for professional women to build knowledge and leadership skills.

The professional MBA program is available with a more traditional focus that couples foundation business courses, a six-course core, and four courses as electives. This allows for a customized, carefully crafted program of study for your unique professional interests.

Program Concentrations

The professional MBA with a concentration is available with courses focused in these specific areas:

  • Friends University offers an Accounting concentration as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. These professional degrees have a concentration in accounting designed to prepare students for leadership positions in business. The purpose of this Professional MBA or Global MBA in Accounting concentration is to develop your skills in the functional areas of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, while accommodating students wishing to continue accounting degrees in Kansas, beyond the bachelor’s degree level. Students who have taken all courses required by the Kansas State Board of Accountancy (KSBOA) and successfully accomplishing 150 or more credits are qualified to sit for the CPA exam.
  • The Business Analytics concentration is aligned with the Professional MBA, Global MBA and the MMIS program. The curriculum is designed with five courses that draw upon methods and tools, including advanced skills and techniques in statistics, forecasting, data mining and modeling for working with enterprise-level data systems. The primary purpose of the concentration is to make better decisions. This concentration requires prerequisite math skills of at least applied calculus or calculus I and business statistics or equivalent along with some programming skills. (Wichita only)
  • We are excited to announce a new Change Management concentration as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. The concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to possess the expertise to implement and manage strategic change. The interdisciplinary curriculum develops your capacity to create transition strategies and to manage for-profit and not-for-profit organizations using a variety of organization development tools and techniques designed for today’s complex national and international business environments, respective to the MBA program selected. In June of 2012, a small group of graduate students and two faculty members from Friends University engaged in a weeklong transformational experience with Hospitals of Hope (HOH), a faith-based hospital outside of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The purpose of the engagement was twofold: 1) explore the strategic needs of the hospital and 2) provide practical, hands-on learning for the graduate students, particularly in an international setting. For more information and as an example of managing strategic change, read the article – An OD Engagement at a Hospital in Bolivia.
  • We are excited to announce a new concentration in Health Care Leadership as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. This concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to better prepare you for a professional administrator role. This advanced program is designed to help you develop the management and finance knowledge that builds on your existing background to develop knowledge and skills you can apply immediately to create innovative solutions and to adapt and lead in ever-changing national and global health care systems.
  • We are excited to announce a new concentration in Management Information Systems as part of the Professional MBA and the Global MBA. The concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to gain the expertise to manage the personnel, systems and information that comprise today’s business environments.
  • We are excited to announce a new concentration in Supply Chain Management and Logistics as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. The concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to develop your expertise in knowing and using important features of ERP systems, conducting lean manufacturing reviews, getting certified in Six Sigma, and developing a supply chain to obtain a competitive advantage. Friends University has also been ranked as the #3 Most Affordable Online Master’s Degree in Supply Chain or Operations Management by Best College Values!

The professional MBA with a specific concentration empowers you to meet real-world business challenges.

The professional MBA also includes a prior learning assessment that could potentially reduce the program by at least two foundations courses.

Josh Erickson, MBA

My favorite thing about the MBA program is how flexible all the faculty have been with my work schedule.

Josh Erickson, MBA

Our program format makes it possible for participants to earn their professional MBA degree in three to four intense semesters while continuing to work full time. Professional MBA students gain a wide range of new skills and sharpen their analytical abilities, increase their knowledge of networking, and broaden their perspective on business and problem solving. This MBA program offers students a challenging, stimulating experience that maximizes the return on their investments of time and resources.

Professional Master of Business Administration Degree Brochure

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate appropriate decision-making skills necessary to succeed within the general functional areas of business and other organizations.
  • Demonstrate skills necessary to complete an applied research project utilizing practical applications of business research to a specific business plan situation.
  • Communicate, in writing and orally, at a professional level.

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