Friends University is a liberal arts institution providing more than 40 majors in our traditional college. Many of our faculty in the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education have Ph.D.s and oversee the curriculum within each major to keep it relevant and enticing for student learning. Since we are a teaching institution, our faculty members not only perform research, but also have great passion for their area of discipline, which makes them excellent teachers. This page serves as a quick look at all the majors Friends University has to offer!

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Undergraduate Degrees

Accounting, B.S.

Every business and organization requires accounting professionals, making this field a dynamic career choice full of possibility.


Earning a degree in art at Friends University allows students to study art in a traditional manner or use new technologies in the creation of images.

Art Education

By sharing your passion for and knowledge of the visual arts, you can empower others to find their creative voices and tell their stories.


Steeped in a longstanding tradition of excellence, the Friends University ballet program is among the top programs in the United States.


Centered around a core of biology and chemistry courses, the biology degree at Friends University allows you to design a program that best suits your specific career goals

Business Administration, B.S.

The world of business is vast. A degree in business administration will allow you to play the field before settling into the niche and position that best fits your strengths and interests.


You’ve got chemistry! A degree in this experimental science will prepare you to collect and analyze data then report your findings.

Christian Spiritual Formation

You can change your mind, change your heart and change the world.


With this interdisciplinary degree in communications, you can tailor your education to your specific interests and future profession.


With this interdisciplinary degree in communications, you can tailor your education to your specific interests and future profession.

Computer Science & Information Systems, B.S.

Boasting a 94 percent placement rate for CSIS graduates since 2008, it’s safe to say this valuable degree, that combines a business core with an IT focus, is in high demand.

Criminal Justice

A broad spectrum of criminal justice education is provided with specific concentration in management and social concerns intrinsic to the areas of law enforcement and correctional systems.

Elementary Education

Elementary teachers have the great responsibility of molding the minds of our community’s most vulnerable and impressionable members.


Pursuing a degree in English involves coursework in writing and literature to gain wisdom in effective decision-making.

English Language Arts Education

Educators emphasize the best and latest methods for instructing older children in the areas of composition, creative writing, dramatic readings and interpretation, literature, poetry and reading comprehension.

Finance, B.S.

With a strong focus on the fundamentals of commerce, a degree in finance will prepare you to make the transition from theory to practice in the realm of figures, trajectories and dividends.

Health & Physical Education (Non-Licensure)

Health and wellness education doesn’t always take place in a school setting. This degree from Friends can give you the foundation to help others improve their lives by improving their health.

Health Management

Gain the knowledge and knowhow necessary to succeed in the health and fitness industry with a degree in health management.

Health Sciences

Studying health sciences at Friends University equips you with the solid foundation necessary to conduct medical research or continue your education in one of the health professions.

History and Political Science

A broad understanding of people can be acquired by studying major events in history, which impacts the way we live today.

International Business, B.S.

A degree in international business exposes students to the fundamental principles of business within the richer context of the global, cross-cultural perspective.

Marketing, B.S.

Human behavior plays a pivotal role in business, which marketing majors learn to understand and leverage to promote goods, services and experiences to a wide variety of consumers.

Math Education

The demand for mathematicians in the United States is high, as is the need for talented and qualified teachers of this discipline.


The opportunities available to individuals with stellar math skills are vast, which is why our math degree program offers several tracks, including education, engineering and computer science.


Studying music at Friends University prepares you to pursue professional instruction or performance, while establishing a firm intellectual foundation and boundless artistic development.

Music Education

Teaching others to read and appreciate different types of music, identify and play instruments, and use their voices to create works of art is a gift to the student and to the world.

Music Performance

Studying music at Friends University prepares you to pursue professional instruction or performance, while establishing a firm intellectual foundation and boundless artistic development.

Physical Education

You can teach every young student’s favorite class! And instill in children of all ages that physical activity is a vital part of a healthy life.


A degree in psychology will prepare you to better understand how the mind works and how it influences our thinking, behavior and relationships.

Radiological Technology

The study and calculated use of radiation has contributed to many advancements in medicine, and in the careers of individuals who understand and can implement its practice.

Religion & Philosophy

Not one to be satisfied with surface answers, you can earn a degree in religion and philosophy and learn to think beyond what seems resolute.


Friends University sociology students seek to understanding how and why people engage in specific behaviors in order to understand and educate about the root causes of social problems.


A degree in Spanish opens many doors for graduates in both the private and public sectors.

Spanish Education

A degree in Spanish education opens many doors for graduates inside the classroom, as well as in the private and public sectors.

Speech/Theater Education

Many teachers encourage students to express themselves, but few have as much fun doing so as those who teach speech, theater, debate and forensics.


The theater program allows students who share an intense joy for performing and producing plays to share the profound ways that theatre art can raise significant questions or communicate insight about the human condition.

Zoo Science

Friends University is one of only three post-secondary schools in the United States to offer a hands-on, four-year zoo science degree, which is also affiliated with the AZA-accredited Sedgwick County Zoo.

Adult Undergraduate Degrees


The accounting degree for returning undergraduates concentrates on core accounting and business theory with special attention to decision making and situational analysis.

Business Management

Friends University’s bachelor of business administration degree prepares you for a successful career in a variety of different business activities using a unique blend of cross-disciplinary business courses. The business management program includes accounting, finance, management, marketing and information systems.

Computer Information Systems

The Friends University bachelor of science in computer information systems (CIS) program is designed to prepare students for careers in the challenging and ever-changing field of computer information technology. Students are prepared across a cross-disciplinary sequence of courses in management, accounting, marketing, finance and information systems.

Elementary Education

As elementary education majors, students have the opportunity to earn their elementary education degree and make a difference in the lives of children every day. The elementary education program in the College of Adult and Professional Studies prepares adult students to teach grades K-6.

Human Resource Management

The bachelor of business administration in human resource management degree prepares adult students for careers in any number of industries.

Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change

The bachelor of arts in organizational leadership and transformational change degree combines a broad liberal arts study core with concepts vital to success in today’s workplace.


The psychology program in the College of Adult and Professional Studies is a practice-oriented degree designed to prepare adults to work in the helping professions or to go on to graduate school. Most classes are offered in the evenings so adult students can maintain their work, family and other responsibilities.

Graduate Degrees

Family Therapy

Marriage and family therapy is a great profession for people who value helping others discover positive change in the midst of personal and relationship struggles. A family therapy degree can help prepare you for the specific challenges faced in family counseling.

Global MBA

The global MBA degree, provided at the Wichita campus and online, provides you with a unique mix of academic courses, professional contacts and personal development experiences. It also helps to develop your expertise in international business practices and enhance competency in decision-making and cross-cultural communication and negotiations.

Health Care Leadership

The MHCL will prepare students for responsible positions of professional leadership in the health care environment. The coursework was developed by leaders in the health care industry and specifically designed to encompass all phases of health care leadership, including acute and long-term care, clinic and hospital management, and home health and hospice agencies.

Information Security

The master of science in information security (MSIS) can be completed in two years and is designed primarily for students who are responsible for technology-based and information-based workplaces. Graduates from the program work as technology professionals in business, industry or government.

Management Information Systems

The master of management information systems (MMIS), offered in Wichita and online, is a professional degree that integrates the information systems and business cultures. During their program of study, students focus on the strategic role information systems plays in a business organization.

Professional MBA

The professional MBA program, offered in Wichita, Topeka and online, includes significant learning experiences through case-studies, simulations, thought-provoking individual and collaborative projects, and stimulating classes taught by remarkable faculty and business leaders.

Teaching & Learning

The new METL degree program includes a revised, cutting-edge core focused on the common core, learning, performance and assessment. Beyond the core, you will select 12 workshops from more than 100 potential choices to fully customize the remainder of the program of study.