Valentina Chappell

Dr. Valentina Chappell

In addition to her doctoral degree, Dr. Valentina Chappell holds certifications from various professional organizations, including Microsoft and Thunderbird University. She presents at international conferences and serves on boards of European conferences and journals. She regularly peer reviews research articles from all over the world. Her academic credentials have been validated by many years of teaching and consulting practice in international businesses. Observing professional growth of students brings a tremendous satisfaction to her. Every year, Dr. Chappell arranges business residencies for Global MBA graduating classes in such locations as Latin America, China, South Africa and Canada. Dr. Chappell actively participates in nonprofit organizations. She served in the position of president of Wichita Area Sister Cities and the Global Learning Center of Wichita. In 2017, she received the Leader of Diversity Award from the Wichita Business Journal.

M.Ed., Voronezh State University; Ph.D., Authority of Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministers, Moscow, Russia


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