Friends University Testimonial

Don Luthi, METL Graduate, Special Education teacher USD 305

Why did you choose Friends to complete your degree?

As a teacher, extra time is extremely limited. Therefore, an online program made sense for me to work toward my Masters of Education degree. After visiting campus, I chose Friends University, because I wanted a program that was thorough, yet moved at a quick pace, and was not overwhelming. I soon realized the instructors are always available when needed, and they are first-rate. The program caters to busy teachers, and the course work is practical and applicable.

If employed, how are you applying concepts from class at your job?

Course work is practical and applicable, allowing the concepts to be tied into many facets of my special education classes that I teach. Through the online discussion boards in which I have participated, students are allowed to share their ideas broadening their perspectives, and developing their critical voices. This has been helpful in creating new ideas to use in my classroom.

Why do you think others should consider Friends University?

Friends University Master of Education program sets the stage for teachers to become well rounded and knowledgeable educators. As a Friends University student, I have had the opportunity to build exceptional relationships with my instructors, as well as received exceptional advice and assistance. The instruction and coursework has been invaluable to enhancing my career path.