Business & Information Technology

You can be the cause to great effects.

Leaders in business and technology are catalysts to progress. At Friends University, you can gain the knowledge and hone the skills needed to become those leaders in the competitive environments of business, commerce and information technology.

The location of the campus in a large metropolitan area has allowed Friends University to establish partnerships with business that provide opportunities for students to network, shadow professionals, tour facilities, and seek internships and employment.

Accounting, Bachelor of Science

Every business and organization requires accounting professionals, making this field a dynamic career choice full of possibility.

Business Administration, Bachelor of Science

The world of business is vast. A degree in business administration will allow you to play the field before settling into the niche and position that best fits your strengths and interests.

Computer Science & Information Systems, Bachelor of Science

Boasting a 94 percent placement rate for CSIS graduates since 2008, it’s safe to say this valuable degree, that combines a business core with an IT focus, is in high demand.

Finance, Bachelor of Science

With a strong focus on the fundamentals of commerce, a degree in finance will prepare you to make the transition from theory to practice in the realm of figures, trajectories and dividends.

International Business, Bachelor of Science

A degree in international business exposes students to the fundamental principles of business within the richer context of the global, cross-cultural perspective.

Marketing, Bachelor of Science

Human behavior plays a pivotal role in business, which marketing majors learn to understand and leverage to promote goods, services and experiences to a wide variety of consumers.


Featured Faculty

Malcolm Harris

Dr. Malcolm Harris

  • Professor of Finance
  • Business and Information Technology
  • B.A., Canisius College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Arlen Honts

Dr. Arlen Honts

  • Professor of Business; Division Chair of Business & Information Technology
  • Business and Information Technology
  • B.S., MBA, University of Oklahoma; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University