Apprentice High School Academy Application

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Apprentice High School Academy. The application may take you some time and we expect you to answer questions honestly and openly. We strongly recommend looking through the questions and considering your responses before you begin to fill them in.

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If you have any questions please contact Carissa Reynolds by email at or by phone at 316-295-5113.

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Date of Birth

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The Family Education and Privacy Act of 1974 provide applicants the right of access to information provided by their references. The law also allows applicants the privilege to waive this right of access, an action that may protect the integrity of recommendations and references. No school, however, can require an applicant to sign such a waiver, nor can it discriminate in any way against any applicant who does not waive his or her right of access.

Reference's Contact Information

Choose a reference that can speak to your character and heart for God (pastoral, personal, professional, or academic)