Natural Science & Mathematics

You can solve mysteries of the natural world.

As naturally curious beings, humans often ask questions and ponder the “whys” and “hows” of life. Then there are those who explore our world in search of answers to those questions and problems.

Degrees in the natural sciences and mathematics division are designed to provide students with a solid educational core, while allowing you to explore your interests and the connections of science, math, health and technology to other disciplines such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, the arts, psychology, computer science, engineering, business and communications.

Biochemistry, Bachelor of Science

The biochemistry degree program at Friends University has multiple experienced faculty, supports undergraduate research and will prepare you to continue your education.

Biology, Bachelor of Science

Centered around a core of biology and chemistry courses, the biology degree at Friends University allows you to design a program that best suits your specific career goals

Chemistry, Bachelor of Science

You’ve got chemistry! A degree in this experimental science will prepare you to collect and analyze data then report your findings.

Health Management, Bachelor of Science

Health Management, Bachelor of Science

Gain the knowledge and knowhow necessary to succeed in the health and fitness industry with a degree in health management.

Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science

Studying health sciences at Friends University equips you with the solid foundation necessary to conduct medical research or continue your academic success in one of the health professions.

Mathematics, Bachelor of Science

Mathematics, Bachelor of Science

The opportunities available to individuals with stellar math skills are vast, which is why our math degree program offers several tracks, including education, engineering and computer science.

Radiological Technology, Bachelor of Science

Radiological Technology, Bachelor of Science

The study and calculated use of radiation has contributed to many advancements in medicine, and in the careers of individuals who understand and can implement its practice.

Zoo Science, Bachelor of Science

Friends University is one of only three post-secondary schools in the United States to offer a hands-on, four-year zoo science degree, which is also affiliated with the AZA-accredited Sedgwick County Zoo.


Featured Faculty

Kathryn Boyle

Dr. Kathryn Boyle

  • Professor of Chemistry; P. Daniel Schultz Distinguished Professor
  • Natural Science and Mathematics
  • B.A., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Iowa (P. Dan Schultz Distinguished Professor of Chemistry)
Gary Branum

Dr. Gary Branum

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry; Co-chair of the Environmental Compliance Committee
  • Natural Science and Mathematics
  • B.S., M.A., University of Texas at Arlington; Ph.D., Texas Christian University
John Simmons

Dr. John Simmons

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Natural Science and Mathematics
  • B.S., Culver-Stockton College; Ph.D., Missouri University