Chemistry, Bachelor of Science


Chemistry has a direct bearing on most any aspect of our modern society. Chemistry majors study the structure, composition and properties of matter, including the changes in matter, the rate of change and the energy involved in those changes.

A degree in chemistry provides many career opportunities. These include employment in the chemical industry and graduate work in chemistry or health-related professions. Junior- and senior-level students are frequently able to fund a portion of their education and earn college credit through chemistry internships.

The Friends University Chemistry Department includes both chemistry and physics and is located on the second and third floors of the William Penn Science Building. The lab has instrumentation for atomic absorption, gas chromatography, Fourier transformation infrared, UV-Visible spectrophotometry, and proton/carbon nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry.

“While at Friends University, I participated in a major research project, where I synthesized chloroquine, the drug most commonly used to treat malaria. I also have great memories of winning the homecoming float contest and performing with the drama club. I even met the woman I would marry and proposed to her on campus.” – Eric Whetmore, chemistry student.

Friends University’s chemistry students are currently employed at Hospira, Cargill, Invista (a subsidiary of Koch Industries), Hampel Oil, and many other companies throughout the region.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of principles of organic, inorganic, physical and analytical/instrumental chemistries.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and technical expertise to pursue one of the many career opportunities available with a chemistry degree and/or pursue a graduate program in chemistry.

Potential Areas of Employment

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical labs
  • Quality control
  • Environmental technician

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Featured Faculty

Kathryn Boyle

Dr. Kathryn Boyle

  • Professor of Chemistry; P. Daniel Schultz Distinguished Professor
  • Natural Science and Mathematics
  • B.A., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Iowa (P. Dan Schultz Distinguished Professor of Chemistry)
Gary Branum

Dr. Gary Branum

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry; Co-chair of the Environmental Compliance Committee
  • Natural Science and Mathematics
  • B.S., M.A., University of Texas at Arlington; Ph.D., Texas Christian University