Religion & Humanities

You can lead by following Christ.

The religion and humanities division aims to provide a rigorous, classical liberal arts education within the context of the Christian faith. This division exists to educate students in areas of Bible, theology, Christian history, ministry, writing, literature, foreign languages, philosophy and ethics with the additional goal of engaging students in Christian spiritual formation.

Christian Spiritual Formation

At one of the best Christian colleges in Kansas, you can change your mind, change your heart and change the world.

English, Bachelor of Arts

Pursuing a degree in English involves coursework in writing and literature to gain wisdom in effective decision-making.

Religion & Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts

Not one to be satisfied with surface answers, you can earn a degree in religion and philosophy and learn to think beyond what seems resolute at one of the best Christian colleges in Kansas.

Spanish, Bachelor of Arts

A degree in Spanish opens many doors for graduates in both the private and public sectors.


Featured Faculty

Jeremy Gallegos

Dr. Jeremy Gallegos

  • Professor of Philosophy & Ethics; Division Chair of Religion & Liberal Arts; General Education Assessment Coordinator
  • B.A., Wichita State University; M.A., Purdue University; Ph.D., Purdue University
Stan Harstine

Dr. Stan Harstine

  • Professor of Religion
  • Religion and Humanities
  • B.S., Kansas State University; M.Div., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Baylor University
Marv Hinten

Dr. Marv Hinten

  • Professor of English
  • Religion and Humanities
  • B.S., M.A., University of Missouri; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Dr. Chris Kettler

  • Professor of Theology & Religion
  • B.A., Friends University; M.A., M. Div., Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary
Vicki Ronn

Dr. Vicki Ronn

  • Assistant Professor of English
  • Religion and Humanities
  • B.A., St. Mary of the Plains; M.A., Fort Hays State University; Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Jerry Smartt

Dr. Jerry Smartt

  • Professor of Spanish
  • Religion and Humanities
  • B.A., University of Texas; M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Wichita State University
Jim Smith

Dr. Jim Smith

  • Associate Professor of Religion; Executive Director of the Apprentice Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation
  • Religion and Humanities
  • B.A., Friends University; M.Div., Yale University Divinity School; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary