Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is diverse in nature. Recognizing this, the Friends University criminal justice degree program gives students a solid educational foundation across a broad spectrum of criminal justice topics and issues. Specific concentration is given to management and organizational skills, as well as to social concerns intrinsic to the areas of law enforcement and correctional systems. The main areas of instruction include:

  • Contemporary issues in criminal law
  • Management and leadership in the field of criminal justice
  • Community relations
  • Spanish for the criminal justice professional
  • The science of criminal investigation and forensics
  • Exploration of the budget and planning process

The bachelor of arts in criminal justice is a 37-hour degree program. The coursework and a research project are required from all students who participate. The research project is an applied action project that is directly applied to an organization, usually the student’s work site, providing special relevance for students interested in criminal justice in Kansas.

Program Outcomes

  • Gain factual knowledge in the field of criminal justice.
  • Learn principles and theories used in the field of criminal justice.
  • Learn to apply knowledge from the field of criminal justice to improve thinking, problem solving and decisions.

Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program

As a criminal justice major, you now have the option of applying for Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program. This program enables you to earn your bachelor’s degree and your MBA in just five years! Start by taking 12 credit hours toward your MBA degree during your senior year while completing your bachelor’s degree. These 12 hours will also be included as elective courses toward your bachelor’s degree. It’s sort of like taking one course and counting it twice! Then apply for our MBA program through a graduate school application. Upon acceptance by the MBA program director, you would be able to complete the remaining 18 credit hours of the MBA degree in year five.

If you’re interested in learning more about Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program, please contact Preston Todd, Assistant Dean of the College of Business Arts, Sciences and Education at or 316-295-5623.

Areas of Potential Employment

  • Corrections
  • Parole or probation
  • Child support enforcement
  • Private security
  • Law enforcement
  • Government
  • Consulting

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Featured Faculty

Tor Wynn

Dr. Tor Wynn

  • Associate Professor Sociology & Criminology; Program Director of Criminal Justice/Sociology
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • B.A., Oakland University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa