Sociology, Bachelor of Arts

The sociology degree program at Friends University is a practice-oriented degree designed to prepare students to work in the helping professions or prepare for graduate school. The sociology courses are combined with psychology and human service courses to give students a broader base of study and application.

In addition to classroom study, students spend two semesters in field experiences to help you prepare for the workplace and begin networking with other professionals. This also serves as an experience base for graduate school.

A sociology degree offers three areas of emphasis; these areas allow flexibility so students may focus on a special area of interest within the psychology degree.

  • Prepares students for general careers working with people and for graduate training
  • Teaches students to work with families, family intervention and counseling for all age groups
  • Prepares students to work for social service agencies

Program Outcomes

  • Gain factual knowledge (e.g., terminology, classifications, methods, trends, etc.) in the field of sociology.
  • Learn principles and theories used in the field of sociology.
  • Learn to apply knowledge from the field of sociology to improve thinking, problem solving and decisions.
  • Demonstrate exceptional level of skill and knowledge.

Areas of Potential Employment

  • Advocacy groups
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • United Way
  • Foster and adoption agencies
  • Social service agencies
  • National and local nonprofit agencies

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Featured Faculty

Bill Allan

Bill Allan

  • Dean of the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education; Associate Professor of Family Life; Division Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • B.S., Abilene Christian University; M.A., California State Polytechnic
Donna Stuber

Dr. Donna Stuber

  • Professor of Human Services/Psychology
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • B.S., Missouri Western State College; M.S., Emporia State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University