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Oct 21

Free Children’s Movement Class

Monday at

Riney Fine Arts Center and Sebits Fine Arts Addition, E16


Children Creative movement class 6-10 year olds
Attire: Comfortable clothes that allow the child to move freely. Socks or bare feet.
This class will focus on exploring movement from different artistic disciplines. For example: children would observe abstract or concrete paintings (age appropriate) in order to explore the concept of concrete versus abstract movement. Concepts like phrasing, and rhythm will be explored musically and with movement. This class welcomes all abilities, no previous dance training is necessary.

This class is free of cost. If you feel inclined to give a donation at the end of the semester, your donation will support dance majors need like funds to travel for conferences. It is not mandatory to come regularly; however is recommendable in order to nurture a movement/creative practice.

Please contact Professor Vazquez-Aguirre if you have questions: andrea_vazquez_aguir@friends.edu​