Prince Agbedanu

Agbedanu, Prince

  • Assistant Professor of Biology; Director of Human Biology & Health Science Program
  • Academic Affairs
Gary Branum

Branum, Gary

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry; Co-chair of the Environmental Compliance Committee
  • Academic Affairs
Sean Cash

Cash, Sean

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing; Assistant Chair, Division of Business Information and Technology: Outreach
  • Academic Affairs
Rebecca Culver-Turner

Culver-Turner, Rebecca

  • Associate Professor of MFT (Wichita) and Wichita Site Program Director
  • Academic Affairs
Janet Eubank

Eubank, Janet

  • Assistant Professor of Education; Division Chair of Education
  • Academic Affairs

Forbes, Jerree

  • Executive-in-Residence for the Master of Health Care Leadership Program
  • Academic Affairs
Russell Fox

Fox, Russell

  • Professor of Political Science; Director of Honors Program; Model UN Sponsor
  • Academic Affairs

Fry, David

  • Special Appointment Instructor Computer Science
  • Academic Affairs
Jeremy Gallegos

Gallegos, Jeremy

  • Professor of Philosophy and Ethics – General Education Assessment Coordinator; Division Chair Theology & Humanities
  • Academic Affairs
Chris Habben

Habben, Chris

  • Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy; Kansas City Site Program Director; Kansas City Site Specialized Accreditation & Assessment Administration
  • Academic Affairs

Henry, Joice

  • Visiting Instructor Music Theatre
  • Academic Affairs
Rolaine Hetherington

Hetherington, Rolaine

  • Assistant Professor of Music/Applied; Voice (directs Concert Choir)
  • Academic Affairs
Paul Hill

Hill, Paul

  • Adjunct Professor of Holy Scriptures
  • Academic Affairs
Jan Johnson

Johnson, Jan

  • Adjunct Professor of Christian Spiritual Formation
  • Academic Affairs
Keas Keasler

Keasler, Keas

  • Assistant Professor of Christian Spiritual Formation; Program Director of Christian Spiritual Formation
  • Academic Affairs
Tim Keel

Keel, Tim

  • Adjunct Professor of Theology
  • Academic Affairs
Shawn Knopp

Knopp, Shawn

  • Assistant Professor Music Education & Band Director
  • Academic Affairs
Bhargav Koppolu

Koppolu, Bhargav

  • Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Academic Affairs
Kassia Krone

Krone, Kassia

  • Assistant Professor of Composition
  • Academic Affairs

Long, James "Jim"

  • Professor of Finance; Division Chair of Business
  • Academic Affairs
Sarah Lyon

Lyon, Sarah

  • Assistant Professor of MFT (Kansas City) and Kansas City Site Clinical Director and Internship Supervisor
  • Academic Affairs
Matthew Magee

Magee, Matthew

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Program Director: Cyber Security
  • Academic Affairs
Donalyn Manion

Manion, Donalyn

  • Assistant Professor Visual Arts; Program Director Visual Arts
  • Academic Affairs
Patrick Mathews

Mathews, Patrick

  • Professor of Biology; Program Director of Zoo Science
  • Academic Affairs
Nathanael May

May, Nathanael

  • Professor of Music; Tim & Gail Buchanan Division Chair of Fine Arts
  • Academic Affairs
Teresa Miller

Miller, Teresa

  • Associate Professor of Engineering; Program director: Mechanical Engineering
  • Academic Affairs
Rayvon Moore

Moore, Rayvon

  • Assistant Professor Music, Director: Choral Studies
  • Academic Affairs
Lori Moshier

Moshier, Lori

  • Assistant Professor of Education
  • President's Office
Canes Nicolas

Nicolas, Canes

  • Professor of Strings; Director of Orchestra
  • Academic Affairs
Steve Rathbun

Rathbun, Steve

  • Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Academic Affairs
Vicki Ronn

Ronn, Vicki

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Academic Affairs
Jerry Smartt

Smartt, Jerry

  • Professor of Spanish; Director of Foreign Languages
  • Academic Affairs
Brenda Smith

Smith, Brenda

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Academic Affairs
Jim Smith

Smith, Jim

  • Professor of Religion; Dallas Willard Chair for Christian Spiritual Formation
  • Academic Affairs
Nora Strasser

Strasser, Nora

  • Professor of Mathematics; Division Chair of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Academic Affairs
AJ Swoboda

Swoboda, AJ

  • Program Director, Doctor of Ministry in Formation and Soul Care; Adjunct Professor of Church History
  • Academic Affairs
Nichole Wynn

Wynn, Nichole

  • Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Academic Affairs
Tor Wynn

Wynn, Tor

  • Associate Professor of Sociology & Criminology, Interim Division Chair: Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Academic Affairs