Aaron Krone

Aaron Krone

Aaron Krone graduated with a B.A. in studio art from Friends University and an M.F.A. in painting from Fort Hays State. Aaron specializes in portraits, and a majority of his work is an exploration of identity. Three of his pieces have been published in the following magazines: Orenda Journal (1, 2021) and Art Portfolio Magazine (2, 2020). He has been accepted into forty international online competitions and one national competition. He received the following special honors: Juror’s Choice (1), Crystal Award of Merit (2), Magazine Finalist (3), Special Recognition (3), Honorable Mention (9), Selected Artist (1), and Merit Award (4). He is a member of Kappa Pi, and he serves on the Wichita Fine Arts Educator’s Council.

Aaron has been teaching at Friends University for the past five years where he is an Associate Professor of Art. During that time he has had the opportunity to teach the following classes: drawing 1, drawing 2, painting 1, painting 2, advanced studies in drawing and painting, design, 3D design, sculpture, aesthetics through art, and friends experience. Aaron decided to pursue teaching while working as a TA at Friends because he was inspired by his mentors and enjoyed helping his peers. He has a passion for working with students and especially loves seeing the “ah-ha” moment on students’ faces when a concept or an idea clicks with them.

Aaron has also served the art department and university by being the sponsor for Art club and Spectrum. He has also been instrumental in the department’s Art Challenge, which brings more than 450 high school students to Friends each year.

B.A., Friends University; M.F.A., Fort Hays State University


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