Facilities & Campus

Facilities & Campus

The learning that takes place inside classrooms at Friends University is why you’re here. But the experiences you’ll have outside the classroom are generally where students’ fondest memories are made. These experiences round out and augment what is learned in the classroom.

As a student and member of the Friends community, you have access to these great facilities and services provided year-round.


The Friends University campus is dotted with beautiful buildings of different styles and purpose. The historic and architecturally distinctive Davis Administration Building stands tall as the focal point of the campus. While on the opposite end of the architecture spectrum is Green Residence Hall, which reflects more modern design and functionality. Find these buildings and many more using the interactive campus map.

Casado Campus Center

You can be you at the Casado Campus Center. “Casado” is the hub of student life on the Friends University Wichita campus, and for good reason. Students meet here to engage in nearly every facet of college life – from recreation, to meals, to apparel and conversation, you’ll find it at Casado.

ADA Services

Friends University is committed to equal education opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. Learn more about the services and accommodations available for persons with disabilities.