Dining on Campus

Friends University students have several options for eating on campus. Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served in the Dining Hall Monday through Friday, and two meals (brunch and dinner) are served on Saturday and Sunday. The Community Market, Made with Love and Starbucks Cafe have varying hours throughout the week.

Friends University believe students will gain a more complete student experience by participating in on-campus dining. One of the strategic objectives of the University is to continue developing a Thriving Community. All full-time students taking courses in the traditional college (College of Business, Arts, Science and Education) are required to have a meal plan. Certain meal plans are required for certain groups of students whether you live on-campus or off-campus; requirements are indicated below. 

Meal tickets, which expire at the end of each semester, may be used for any meal in the Dining Hall. Each meal plan option also includes a Meal Exchange option allowing students to use a meal ticket for food combos in lower Casado Campus Dining area. There are some restrictions on what can be purchased with a meal ticket (specific menu items only). Freddy Bucks may be used to purchase extra meals or snacks for you or guests in the Dining Hall, Community Market, Made with Love and Starbucks Cafe.

Freddy Bucks

Students have the option to purchase additional Freddy Bucks as desired.

  • First-Time Freshman – Living On-Campus
    • 19 meal tickets per week with $175 Freddy Bucks
    • 12 meal tickets per week, 25 Block meal tickets and $200 Freddy Bucks
  • Second – Fourth+ Upperclassmen- Living On-Campus
    • 5 meal tickets per week with $100 Freddy Bucks
    • 3 meal tickets per week with $200 Freddy Bucks
    • 10 meal tickets per week with $200 Freddy Bucks
  • First-Time Freshman Commuter
    • 16 Block Meal Tickets and $170 Freddy Bucks
    • $330 Freddy Bucks
  • Second – Fourth+ Upperclassmen Commuter
    • 16 Block Meal Tickets and $50 Freddy Bucks
  • Special Diets
    • The variety of menu items available help accommodate most special diet needs. If you are on a specific diet prescribed by a physician, you may request assistance from the Dining Services staff at Friends University. Students should schedule an appointment and bring a copy of the diet prescription from your doctor/nutritionist. Appointments may be scheduled by emailing reslife@friends.edu 

Meal Plan Definitions:  

Meal Tickets”: A student has the allotted amount of meal tickets each week. Meal tickets reset on Saturdays at 11:00pm. Meal Tickets do not roll week to week, but rather are zeroed out and re-issued prior to meals on Sunday.   

Block Meal Tickets”: If meals are stated as “Block Meals”, these meal tickets are available to use at any point during the specific semester. Block Meal Tickets terminate at the end of every semester.  

Freddy Bucks”: Freddy Bucks are cash that can be used at any dining location on campus to purchase meals, and snacks! The Freddy Bucks balance at the end of the fall semester rolls over to the spring semester if student is enrolled in a meal plan for spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, any remaining Freddy Bucks balance will be forfeited. 

ID Card: Student ID card is also their meal plan card. Student must have their card to make a transaction in the dining facilities.