Friends Youth Institute

Have you ever felt anxious about your future and desired clarity on God’s calling for your life?  

Do you want to take the next step in your faith, but you’re unsure of what that is?  

Do you wish you had more friends that helped you walk closer with Jesus? 

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then we hope you consider joining us at the first-ever Friends Youth Institute!

The first Friends Youth Institute (FYI) will take place at Friends University this summer from May 28 – June 1, 2024. FYI is a chance for the class of 2025 and 2026 to come to Friends for a time to slow down, learn about faith, and practice the presence of God.  For five days and four nights, students will learn in the classroom, in small groups, and with their peers about how faith can shape all aspects of your life. We intend for this gathering to be a place where youth can encounter God through teaching, spiritual practices, and holy conversations that will help deepen their life with God. Our aim is to help students discern their calling within a community of scholars, teachers, and like-minded peers that will create enduring spiritual friendships.

Who is it for?

  • Students entering their junior or senior year of high school, or incoming freshman students to Friends University
  • Students who have questions about their faith and are ready to go deeper
  • Eager learners who want to experience what living out a Christian faith could mean for their lives
  • The member of your youth group or church who is engaged, excited, and wants to start thinking about their future
  • Christians from all denominations are welcome.

What to expect –

  • Exposure to a variety of spiritual practices will equip students to deepen their faith.
  • Intentional time in the Bible, community, practicing silence, and class time.
  • Small groups led by college student leaders that will listen and care.
  • Trained faculty and staff who want to hear and explore questions about faith and its everyday application.
  • FUN!
Click for a preview of the schedule!

A Sample Day
8:30 AM – Breakfast
9:15 AM – Morning Devotional + Prayer
9:30 AM – Large Group Session
10:30 AM – Break
10:45 AM – Large Group Session
11:30 AM – Elective (2-3 Topics from Faculty/Community Members)
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Sabbath Rest + Free Time
2:30 PM- Introduce Spiritual Practice
3:00 PM – Time for Spiritual Practice
4:00 PM – Sabbath Rest + Free Time
5:30 PM – Small Group Reflection
6:30 PM – Dinner
7:30 PM – Large Group Session
8:15 PM – Worship
9:45 PM – Snack
10:00 PM – Game/Activity/Free Time
12:00 AM – Lights Out

What’s next?

For students to be accepted into FYI, they must complete an application found at the link below.

If there’s a student or peer you have in mind who would LOVE this opportunity, we have an option for you to endorse a student instead. With your endorsement, we will follow up and contact the student to help them take the next step.

The cost for the week is valued at over $500, but thanks to generous scholarships from the Apprentice Institute, the fees to cover expenses for the week are $350 per student.

We encourage that the cost for participation is split between the student, their church, and other fundraising methods. Your support will make this experience possible for you and others, enabling us to provide top-notch resources, expert guidance, and unforgettable memories. Your contribution plays a crucial role in shaping the future for all participants Your transformative summer adventure awaits!

If you have interest in attending in 2024, please contact as soon as possible.

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