Leadership is not about holding the highest position in an organization or having a specific title. It is not about seeing how many things you can be involved in. Leadership at Friends University is about being committed to a cause, being known for your accountability and being respected by others for your dedication.

Leaders are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. They get things done and motivate others to reach their fullest potential. “Leadership is essential for effective management and a good leader is able to understand his subordinates, their needs and source of satisfaction.”*

There are many opportunities at Friends University to develop and improve your leadership skills:

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LEADS Scholarship Program

The mission of the LEADS program is to develop student leaders through service-learning and leadership; equipping them with the skills necessary to impact local, regional and global communities.

Outcomes of the program should include appreciation of diversity, commitment to social justice, demonstrated active citizenship and an increased sense of vocation.

What participants can expect:
Year 1 – monthly leadership class, group projects, on-going self-assessment
Year 2 – group projects, service hours initiative, develop E-portfolio, choose Year 3 project
Year 3 – live in LEADS housing, year-long service project, one-on-one advising, group projects, maintain E-portfolio
Year 4 – live in LEADS housing, teach Year 1, group projects, present Year 3 project

The Office of Community and Residential Development oversees the LEADS scholarship Program. Please call 316-295-5500 or email communityservice@friends.edu with any questions. Click here to apply for the LEADS Scholarship Program.

Campus Life and Activities

Student Affairs Office, Casado Campus Center, Wichita
Phone: 316-295-5832 or 316-295-5838

MISSION: The Campus Life and Activities department is committed to enhancing the educational mission of Friends University by encouraging student involvement where experience is the foundation of learning, while providing opportunities for leadership skill development in areas such as equality, humility, self-control, integrity, love and passion.

The Campus Life and Activities Office assists in enhancing the college experience by adding opportunities for student growth and development in an environment where all members are valued, challenged and supported.

Campus life plays an integral part in the complete education of Friends University students. Learning is a comprehensive, holistic and transformative activity that integrates both academics and student development. Learning in higher education is not about content (learning facts), but about personal development.

Furthermore, the Campus Life and Activities Office promotes loyalty to the University and a sense of community through activities it sponsors throughout the year. By doing so, the staff strives to provide students with opportunities to improve their social, intellectual, emotional, vocational, spiritual and physical growth and development. By working collaboratively with others in the University community, the Campus Life and Activities Office nurtures citizenship, leadership and community while striving to promote the holistic development of students.

FYM (First-Year Mentor)

Student Affairs Office, Casado Campus Center, Wichita
Phone: 316-295-5832 or 316-295-5878

First-Year Mentors (FYMs) are students who assist their peer students in transitioning to Friends University. They are student leaders who represent diverse backgrounds and fields of study and will fulfill the responsibilities of assisting with the Summer Enrollment Days, Fall Orientation, First-Year Experience and Spring Orientation. For each of these programs, the FYMs are each responsible for leading a small group and helping them learn about the Friends University culture, gain life skills to be successful during college and after, assist in the education and understanding of the academic demands, and explore new ideas and concepts.