Leadership is not about holding the highest position in an organization or having a specific title. It is not about seeing how many things you can be involved in. Leadership at Friends University is about being committed to a cause, being known for your accountability and being respected by others for your dedication.

There are many opportunities at Friends University to develop and improve your leadership skills:

Campus Life and Activities

Contact Amanda Claxton, Director of Campus Life, for more information.

Casado Campus Center 002
Phone: 316-295-5529
Email: amanda_claxton@friends.edu

MISSION: The Campus Life and Activities department is committed to enhancing the educational mission of Friends University by encouraging student involvement where experience is the foundation of learning, while providing opportunities for leadership skill development in areas such as equality, humility, self-control, integrity, love and passion.

The Campus Life and Activities Office assists in enhancing the college experience by adding opportunities for student growth and development in an environment where all members are valued, challenged and supported.