Spiritual Life Credits

Spiritual Life Credits

In an effort to further the mission of Friends University, Campus Ministries is excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter for the spiritual life, formation, and growth of undergraduate students. Beginning in the ‘24-’25 academic year, all incoming full-time CBASE students will participate in a new program to encourage faith formation. Each semester, students will be required to participate in a minimum number of opportunities designed to help them explore and engage the Christian faith. These opportunities, called Spiritual Life Credits (SLC), will satisfy a graduation requirement.  

We look forward to helping students integrate their spiritual, intellectual, and professional lives by creating spaces to thoughtfully explore how Christian faith brings shape and understanding to all of the academic fields. Students will also be empowered to choose how to participate and earn their eight credits, one of which will be required to be a service opportunity.


Who is this program for?

Starting with the incoming class in the fall of 2024, all full-time CBASE students, including transfer students will be required to get eight SLCs each semester until they graduate from Friends University.  One of the eight credits must be a service credit.

Students enrolled before the fall of 2024 will not be required to obtain SLCs.

How do I track my attendance?

Students attending one of our spiritual life events or services should start by downloading the iAttended App on their smartphone or tablet. At each opportunity, students will be provided with a QR code to scan upon arrival and a QR code to scan out. Once this has been completed, their attendance at the event will be immediately recorded with their iAttended App on their smartphone. In order to receive credit for attending an event/service, a student must arrive within 5 minutes of the beginning of the event/service and stay for the duration of the event/service.

Got to your App Store and download the iAttended App
Open the iAttended App and create an account using your Friends student email account (first_last@student.friends.edu)
Verify your Friends Email address by entering the first portion of your Friends Email
Open your email and click the link emailed to you
You’re set to go to log your SLCs this year!

How many do I have to get?

Each new student starting in the fall of 2024 will be required to get eight SLCs each semester until they graduate. Of these eight credits, one must be a service credit. Service credits will be denoted as such.

Where is the schedule?

Campus Ministries will coordinate the official SLC catalog from which students will choose how to earn their credits. It will be published before the first day of the month and any updates or changes will be announced on social media or in the iAttended app. Likewise, using your iAttended App, you can see a list of all the upcoming Spiritual Life Credit opportunities.

I would like to have my event, project, or opportunity count for Spiritual Life Credit. What are my next steps?

We would love to partner with you and have guidelines for SLC opportunities. You can read our policy here. If your event matches up with our guidelines, you can submit it at this link for Campus Ministries staff to consider adding it to the schedule.

What will it look like on my transcript?

More on this coming soon!

What happens if I don’t get all of my credits?

There may be an occasion when students arrive at the end of the semester having not completed their spiritual life credits. If you find yourself in these circumstances, each student is eligible for a one-time grace semester, which is one semester of completed SLCs that they may use at any time (for cases such as: not meeting or being unable to earn all of their eight credits, student teaching, internships, etc.). Students will be encouraged to save this until their final semester. If a student has not completed any credits by midterms, the Campus Ministries staff will contact the student, and the student’s advisor, any coaches, and/or program directors will be contacted. If a student does not earn the required eight SLCs before finals week, they will be contacted by the Campus Ministries staff and offered opportunities to make up the needed credits by the time that grades are due. If a student does not make up the needed credits, they will first have to use their Grace Semester. If they do not earn their SLCs and have already used their Grace Semester, they will be given an incomplete and will be suspended for the following semester. 

I have other questions.

We would love to answer them. Please send an email to campusministries@friends.edu or stop by Davis 214 to talk with the Campus Ministries staff.