Community Life Standards

The Friends University objective is to help students view all aspects of their academic program and way of life from the expectations of Christian faith and concern. Honesty, sincerity, integrity, faith and love are encouraged as necessary qualities of Christian character.

Spiritual life at Friends is vital to student life. Students from all religious backgrounds are welcome; University and community-centered organizations offer avenues of expression of faith and concern. Friends University is present in many communities across the state of Kansas where students are afforded an opportunity to worship and to become active in the church of their choice.

Each student should understand that his or her enrollment at Friends University assumes a desire for participation in and positive contributions to the life of the community.

If any member of the Friends University community shows continued violation of the spirit of the University and is found to be consistently in opposition to the personal development or well-being of other members of the body, the University reserves the right to request his or her withdrawal.

Unacceptable behavior in Friends University facilities or at University-sponsored activities include the following:

  • The possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances
  • Use of tobacco in any form
  • The use of indecent literature
  • The use of profane or vulgar language
  • The possession of firearms

The students at Friends University come from many states and several foreign countries. The broad origins of our student body create diversity within the University environment that requires significant individual commitment to growth of self and others in the community.