Joseph Myers

Dr. Joseph Myers

Dr. Joseph K. Myers is an applied mathematician specializing in inverse problems for partial differential equations. Under Distinguished Professor Victor Isakov, his completed Ph.D. dissertation, “Inverse Doping Profile Analysis for Semiconductor Quality Control,” was nominated for the CGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award by the Council of Graduate Schools. His papers have been published in the peer-reviewed journals of Inverse Problems and Inverse Problems and Imaging. At Friends University, he coordinated  87 math, science, business and technology classes through the former Program for Adult College Education; created 26 new undergraduate courses and 14 graduate courses; developed the MBA Business Analytics concentration; and, as project manager, created the Master of Science in Cyber Security program, designing nine of its 10 courses. Driven by a passion for algorithms and optimization theory, Dr. Myers has written public domain computer programs since 1999, including: JavaScript engine code used by Mozilla Firefox; high-speed cryptographic functions used worldwide including by Accenture, MIT and Facebook; conformal mapping for true-hue color brightening; athletic analytics for all national divisions of college track and field; CGI software for web app development; and high-speed sorting and encoding algorithms for servers.

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Wichita State University


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