Friends University nationally acclaimed status as a 2024-2025 College of Distinction

WICHITA, KS — Friends University is proud to announce its recognition as a 2024-2025 College of Distinction, a prestigious honor that highlights its unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional undergraduate education. The award reflects Friends University’s dedication to fostering hands-on learning, strong student-faculty relationships, an active campus community and stellar student outcomes. Friends University has been recognized in four areas: Kansas, Christian, Business, and Education. This is Friends’s tenth year recognized as a Christian College of Distinction and its fifth year recognized as a Business and Education College of Distinction.  

Since its founding in 2000, Colleges of Distinction has awarded schools for their successful implementation of high-impact educational practices and hands-on learning. Unlike traditional ranking systems based on numerical data, its rigorous selection process involves extensive research and detailed interviews with the institutions, accepting only those that adhere to the Four Distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Community, and Successful Outcomes. Friends University has demonstrated exceptional performance in each of these areas, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment that equips students for future academic and career success. 

“A college degree opens the door to many opportunities,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer at Colleges of Distinction. “But a truly worthwhile education prepares students to thrive once they walk through that door. Friends’s curriculum encourages meaningful student-faculty collaboration through experiential learning that is relevant and applicable to the real world.” To be listed among the Colleges of Distinction, Friends’s demonstrated its unique ways of helping students be active in their education. 

”We’ve never ranked our schools,” said Schritter. “No student is alike, so there cannot be a number-one school for everyone. We are much more focused on the innovative ways that colleges are offering their brand of a truly rich undergraduate education.” Friends University’s individual approach to education helps students achieve success in unique ways that cannot be ranked against others.

Schritter continued, “We are so impressed to see how Friends’s brings life to the traditional undergraduate experience. With a welcoming community, an immersive curriculum and strong support networks, Friends’s is undoubtedly nurturing the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.” 

About Colleges of Distinction 
Since 2000, Colleges of Distinction have been committed to honoring schools with a dedicated focus on undergraduate experience. Its website provides dynamic college profiles, customized tools, and resources for students, parents, and high school counselors. For more information, and to learn how to become a College of Distinction, visit 

Friends University, a Christian University of Quaker heritage, equips students to honor God and serve others by integrating their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives.