Friends Talks: Reagan

Five ways to Hire, Engage and Promote Women in the Workplace to Win the War for Talent

Nov. 1, 2022 Friends Talks: Reagan Cannon

Friends University is hosting a lecture series featuring local and national experts of philosophy, religion and spirituality. With a diverse array of speakers, each event is sure to teach our community something new and substantial about the way we see the world. Friends Talks events will be free and open to the public.

Previous Friends Talk series included Charles Marohn on Rethinking Wichita and biblical scholar Dr. Michael Wise. Our next speaker will be Reagan Cannon on Nov. 1, 2022.

Thursday, Nov. 1, 2022

Two Chances to Hear Reagan Cannon

Reagan Cannon is dynamic executive, speaker, and the founder of RC Consulting, where she coaches career minded individuals on how to scale into successful high-impact executives.

Her extensive leadership insights stem from 20 years of experience at Fortune 15 companies such as AT&T and Amazon. Throughout her career, Reagan has lived out the blue print on how to build successful and engaged teams, and has led global organizations of 10,000 employees, with record breaking results. She was also the global head of Amazon’s Executive Development and has created leadership development programs for thousands of leaders and executives around the world.

As a certified ACC coach, Reagan is highly sought after by leaders looking to increase their leadership and influence. In her book, The Cure for Career Quicksand, she teaches her time tested “Reagan’s Rules,” the guiding tenets which allowed her to quickly advance in her career from entry level manager to executive, leading teams of over 5,000 people by the time she was 33 years old.  When she is not busy leading, speaking, and coaching, she serves as an Advisory Board Member for 4word, a non-profit dedicated to raising up female leaders.

Reagan is committed to helping individuals effectively scale their leadership skills and abilities, particularly in executive roles, so that they can create margin for the areas of their personal life that matter most be it family, friends or a personal passion. 

Reagan Cannon
Leader, Speaker, Author Consultant & Coach

Evening Lecture

Nov. 1, 2022, 7 p.m.
Five ways to Hire, Engage and Promote Women in the Workplace to Win the War for Talent

With so many workers stepping back or out of the workforce in the last two years, how can employers meet the talent needs for their critical business challenges? The answer:  engage and empower women to fill critical roles both now and in the future. In this talk, Reagan Cannon shares insights from her 20+ years as a global executive at companies such as Amazon and AT&T, and practical steps businesses of all sizes can take to attract and retain the best talent.

Afternoon Seminar

Nov. 2, 2022, 4 p.m.
Every Mistake Matters – How women can turn fear of failure into fuel for success!

In this talk, Reagan Cannon shares practical tips on how to shift your mindset around risk taking and how to get a “Return on Investment” for the price paid for mistakes. She shares honestly from her own failures and how she used them to learn valuable lessons to make her a successful global executive for over 20 years at companies such as Amazon and AT&T.