Friends University Testimonial

Angela Anderson, Human Resource Management, Graduate, 2012

I moved from Minnesota as a HR Manager over two small rural hospitals to Newton, Kansas as the HR Business Partner to a much larger facility and realized that I liked the complexity of working with other leaders of the organization. I wanted to grow within the company and learn to become a manager/director of human resources. So I joined Friends University as an adult learner and worked full-time at the hospital in Newton. After graduation, I did get the chance to move into the HR manager role at the Newton Medical Center from 2013 – 2017. Fortunately, that career growth and experience led me to my new position with Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital in August 2017 as the new HR Manager of a great organization in Wichita.

I chose Friends University because of the location and the Human Resources program. I have worked in Human Resources since 1997 in healthcare; however, knew I needed the education to promote my career in the human resource field. I was told on many occasions that I was a good generalist, still I wanted to be an exceptional leader in the human resource field.

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