Carter Bowen, Finance Major

Carter Bowen, Finance Major

What prompted you to pursue your degree/program?
My passion and love for business, as well as my family’s background led me to my degree choice.

Why did you choose Friends to complete your degree?
Friends was the closest thing that felt like home. I looked at universities of 20,000+ to ones of less than 600, and none of them had everything that Friends had.

Are there any specific areas of the University you feel have been particularly helpful?
No area of the university lacks, but the faculty was amazing in aiding and assisting in any way possible.

What do you like about your degree/program?
The format of the classes and the faculty is the perfect mix. Most faculty have real-world experience that helps them to understand the actual needs of the students.

How has your degree/program benefited you in your career so far?
Although I’m only a freshman, I’ve been able to jump in head first to my respective degrees and apply for internships right off the bat.

What areas/skills has your degree/program helped strengthen?
My ability to analyze information has greatly improved since starting at Friends.

How is your Friends University degree/program helping you personally?
Friends Faith based foundation allows me to stay grounded and responsible while in a new chapter in my life.

So far, do you feel Friends University has been a good investment? Why or why not?
Absolutely. The relationships and friendships created at Friends in my short tenure will last a lifetime. The education has been phenomenal too. Friends encompasses all aspects of a great university.

Why do you think others should consider Friends University?
The opportunities available at Friends are endless. It was easily one of the best choices of my life and I know it will be for many others like me.