Friends University Testimonial

Lori Moshier, METL Graduate, Instructor

What prompted you to pursue your degree/program?

I had been looking for quite some time for a program that fit my needs as an educator. I wanted quality material that I could immediately put into practice in my classroom. As an instructor in the Teacher/Trainer pathway I work with students that are interested in becoming educators and therefore I wanted the best educational experience that I could apply to these types of courses as well as the other courses I teach.

Why did you choose Friends to complete your degree?

I have worked with Friends before regarding other coursework and I have always found the instructors to be approachable and professional. I have also found the coursework to be rigorous yet relevant to my classroom needs. The final reason I chose Friends is that I could complete the entire program in an online format and this made working on a Masters degree fit into my life better.

How is your Friends University degree/program helping you personally?

It is helping me to keep current in how I conduct and deliver material to my students. We are in an ever changing environment and the material I experienced throughout this program allowed me to refresh/enhance lessons that might have become monotonous.

So far, do you feel Friends University has been a good investment? Why or why not?

I absolutely think this was a good investment! The material I learned has already been put into place in my classroom with ease and the student reactions have been awesome. It also allowed me to achieve a goal that I have had for myself for a long time!