Friends University Testimonial

Ramona Kee-Adams, Master of Education in Teaching & Learning Graduate

I attended the IGNITE conference in the summer of 2016 and simply said; it is one of the best teacher education trainings that I have ever been to! It was an entire “package” deal that met all of my re-certification requirements; but more importantly…it was FUN! However, it was so much more-from the charismatic facilitators to the vendors with their products to the variety in the breakout sessions. It provided a great opportunity to fellowship and share ideas with educators from all over Kansas.

Friends University has been the “gift that keeps on giving.” I continue to be impressed by the variety shown in the teacher workshop offerings. They are timely and critical to strengthening the level of expertise in my teaching craft. Based on these workshops and the summer graduate class offerings, I am able to return to my school in the fall with impactful lessons, technology strategies to enhance my instruction and leadership ideas for my team.

The faculty is definitely a key to success at Friends University. The individuals that I have met are so understanding and eager to insure that I accomplish my goals. The faculty makes me feel as if my personal goals are a top priority for them as well as for me! The instructors really go beyond the status quo in terms of their relationships with me as a graduate student.

I truly appreciate the Christian atmosphere that I feel in the class rooms and around the campus. I feel that each instructor has exemplified this in their interactions with me.