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A rigorous, classical liberal arts education within the context of the Christian faith

You can lead by following Christ.

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The Christian and Liberal Studies division aims to provide a rigorous, classical liberal arts education within the context of the Christian faith. This division exists to educate students in areas of Bible, theology, Christian history, ministry, writing, literature, foreign languages, philosophy and ethics with the additional goal of engaging students in Christian spiritual formation. Some of our current graduates are working at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Legacy Ministries, Inc., St. Francis Community Services, Wichita Children’s Home, and the Wichita Police Department.


  • The Christian Formation & Ministry Major is more than just an academic program. As a student your professors will challenge you to deepen your life with God, to grow in your own faith life, and to engage in spiritual disciplines and other life changing practices which can radically reshape you as a person.


  • Pursuing a degree in English involves coursework in writing and literature to gain wisdom in effective decision-making.

  • A degree in Spanish opens many doors for graduates in both the private and public sectors.


  • A broad understanding of people can be acquired by studying major events in history, which impacts the way we live today.

  • A broad spectrum of criminal justice education is provided with specific concentration in management and social concerns intrinsic to the areas of law enforcement and correctional systems.

  • A degree in psychology will prepare you to better understand how the mind works and how it influences our thinking, behavior and relationships.

  • Friends University sociology students seek to understanding how and why people engage in specific behaviors in order to understand and educate about the root causes of social problems.

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