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Division of Fine Arts Mission

Recognizing Friends University’s strong commitment to providing a liberal arts education, the Division of Fine Arts serves as the principal entity within the University for training in the visual and performing arts. Arts participation and experiences are available to all students. Through creating and experiencing art we strive to foster a collaborative and synergistic effect on our student’s thinking, our campus environment and our community.



Division of Fine Arts Majors


Major Why major? What can I do with this major?


Art, B.A.


  • Computer Graphics Concentration
  • Graphic Design Concentration
  • Studio Concentration
Because expanding self-awareness allows you to express yourself through the visual arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and graphic design. Open a private studio, exhibit and market your work, teach others, manage an art gallery, enter a limitless number of fields where creativity is highly valued; pursue graduate studies; teach.


Ballet, B.F.A.


Because it takes skill and technical knowledge to become a professional ballet performer, choreographer and/or teacher. Become a professional dancer; open a private dance studio; pursue graduate studies; teach.


Communications, B.A.



  • Journalism Concentration
  • Media Studies Concentration
  • Visual Communications (Graphics) Concentration
Because expressing yourself through effective speaking, writing or graphic design is a key to success in life.

Newspaper or magazine reporter or editor, broadcaster, news producer, photographer, camera operator, website editor, freelance writer, public relations officer, nonprofit or social media manager.


Music, B.A.


Because music is at the heart of a liberal arts education and a force in all cultures. Open a private music studio and/or teach in one run by a music store or other commercial entity; pursue graduate studies; teach; enter into a business-related position; provide music ministry in a church.


Music Performance, B.M.


  • Instrumental Jazz Performance Concentration
  • Instrumental Performance Concentration
  • Piano Performance Concentration
  • Vocal Performance Concentration
Because it takes skill and dedication to become a professional performing musician - as a solo artist and/or ensemble member. Solo musician, member of a music ensemble (symphony or opera chorus, professional or military instrumental ensemble, symphony orchestra, chamber music, pit orchestra, jazz combo/big band).


Theatre, B.A.


Because you share an intense joy in performing and producing plays, and you seek to share the profound ways that theatre art can raise significant questions or communicate insight about the human condition.Graduate studies, professional or amateur community theatre, playwriting, stage management, performance coaching and consulting, theatre for young people, church and parachurch ministries, municipal parks and recreation departments, professions dependent upon leadership and public speaking skill such as promotions, sales, management, and legal or political areas


Division of Fine Arts Minors


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