Are you fascinated by the processes of algebra? Do you get satisfaction in being able to solve problems and get the right answer? Are you curious about the applications of mathematics in the real world? If so, you should consider being a math major at Friends University. We will provide you with the tools to increase your abilities in math and prepare you for a satisfying career.

One Major, Many Goals
We understand that choosing math as a major can be difficult because you don’t know what you can do with it. We try to help you answer that question. Not only do we provide you with information about what careers former students have entered, but we also offer several tracks within the major to accommodate different needs.

  • We provide an education track for those students who would like to teach high school or middle school math.
  • We provide a pre-engineering track for those students who want to transfer into an engineering school during their junior year.
  • We provide a mathematics/computer science track for those students who are interested in pursuing a career that involves both mathematics and computers.
  • We provide a general mathematics track for students interested in pursuing mathematics as a career or a graduate degree.

Why Friends University?
At Friends University we can provide you with an excellent education in the mathematical sciences. Our full-time faculty members teach the required math courses for the mathematics major and consist of highly qualified professors who are available to students who have questions outside class.  The faculty want you to succeed and try to help you do so. We have great facilities and computer access. The computer algebra software, Mathematica, is used in many of our courses. You will learn to use this professional grade software, which is a skill that is transferable to the workplace. Finally, you will become part of a community of learners with other mathematics majors who will support you as you progress through the curriculum.

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