Management Information Systems Concentration

We are excited to announce four concentrations in the Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS): Business Analytics; Management Information Systems; Security; and Supply Chain Management and Logistics. These concentrations bring like-minded students together through a series of five courses to further develop your expertise.

Business Analytics

This concentration is designed with five courses that draw upon methods and tools, including advanced skills and techniques in statistics, forecasting, data mining and modeling for working with enterprise-level data systems. The primary purpose of the concentration is to make better decisions. This concentration requires prerequisite math skills of at least applied calculus or calculus I and business statistics (or equivalent) along with some programming skills.

Management Information Systems Concentration

The Management Information Systems concentration extends the MMIS core knowledge with advanced knowledge in analysis and documentation for the implementation, design and application of computer systems that lead to strategic work and the capacity to manage technologies within organizational and managerial systems.

Security Concentration

A Security concentration provides knowledge of security threats and solutions to implement highly secure systems and networks that serve managerial and organizational goals. The concentration emphasizes knowledge of network and cyber security, as well as architecture and design and risk management. Through collaborative work in a seminar course, security policies, processes and operations are investigated and organized to provide a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities in mitigating security threats and maintaining the integrity of operations.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Concentration

The Supply Chain Management and Logistics concentration brings together the human computer interaction with knowing and using important features of ERP systems, conducting lean manufacturing reviews, getting certified in Six Sigma and developing a supply chain to obtain a competitive advantage. This concentration is designed specifically for those involved on the technical side of exporting, importing, and producing and partnering with businesses associated with the I-35 corridor between Canada and Mexico as well as throughout the United States and the world.

The MMIS program includes a prior learning assessment that could potentially reduce the program by at least two foundations courses. This enables a well-qualified student to complete the program in as few as three or four intense semesters.

Need more information? Request information about the Management Information Systems concentrations at Friends University. You can also contact Graduate Admissions Program Representative Kat Wohlford at 316-295-5301 or