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Transfer to Friends and Finish Your Degree!

Friends University invites transfer students to complete your undergraduate degree!  Friends University provides excellent curricular and co-curricular opportunities to meet the needs of our students to advance their career.  Our Career Services office is ready to help you find an internshipmentor, networking events, and job opportunities.  For students looking to complete a master’s degree, check out our 4+1 program to earn a graduate degree in half the time.

Friends University will accept post-secondary academic work completed for credit at other regionally-accredited institutions and recognized foreign universities.  Transfer Students that have earned an Associates of Arts or Associates of Science degree from any Kansas, regionally accredited institution will have met all general education requirements except outcomes 7 and 8.  These two outcomes include 6-9 credit hours centered on our Christian mission.  You can learn more by reviewing the academic catalog section on general education.

Explore this page for more features for transfer students or contact us for more information.

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Credit for Prior Learning

Friends University has a policy and process for evaluating Credit for Prior Learning.  For more information, you may contact Career Services at 316-295-5885 or

Academic Advising

Friends University provides individualized advising for students throughout the transfer process.  Our goal is to maximize students transfer credit, provide helpful information throughout the process, and make the transfer process as quick and seamless as possible.  Our academic advisors offer dual advising for students who have questions about our programs, how classes will transfer, or would like advising advice in preparation to transfer to Friends University.

The purpose of the dual advising program is to give students enrolled at a community college the opportunity to access academic advising (traditional undergraduate) or academic success coaching (adult undergraduates) with Friends University staff throughout the completion of their associate’s program in preparation for transferring to Friends to complete a bachelor’s degree. The goal of the program is to provide a seamless transition for students transferring from partner schools by providing support throughout a students’ academic journey.

Visit the Dual Advising page for more information and complete the form to get started in the dual advising program.

General Education Transfer Guides

The link below provide transfer guides for general education requirements from other colleges and universities:

Articulation Agreements

Friends University has partnered with several regional community colleges to accept their associate degrees (AAS, AA, AS, AGS) with junior standing at Friends University. Some of our articulation agreements are listed on this page. If your institution is interested in creating an articulation agreement with Friends, please contact Dr. Preston Todd, Associate Academic Dean at

“For me, Friends University has been the best investment I have made in my education. The personal growth I have seen in my time spent at Friends is astonishing. I have overcome challenges and obstacles that I would not have been able to if I had not attended Friends University. The community that surrounds this school is something I will never forget, and the relationships that have been built during my attendance here will last a lifetime.” – Read More

Stacey Cox, Transfer Student, Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Transfer Scholarships and Financial Aid

Friends University welcomes undergraduate transfer students for traditional and adult programs.  

Traditional degree programs are primarily offered on-campus during the daytime.  Friends University offers competitive academic scholarships for transfer students.  These merit-based scholarships  are automatically awarded based on receipt of all transcripts from transfer institutions.  The awards are renewed annually.  Our Financial Aid staff is ready to assist you throughout the process.  You can search our list of Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions, review the timeline for financial aid, and Apply for Financial Aid on our website.  

Adult undergraduate degree programs, designed for working adults, are offered in the evening or 100% online. Search our website or contact our Financial Aid staff for questions regarding financial aid for adult degree programs.

The Friends University FAFSA Code is:  001918.

Summer Undergraduate Classes

Friends University offers competitive pricing on Summer School Classes.  Transfer students looking to get a jump start on taking classes at Friends University are eligible to enroll in summer classes.  Be sure to ask our Financial Aid team about your financial aid options for summer classes.  

4+1 Master’s Degree Program

Friends University’s 4+1 program allows students from various majors to start earning credits toward a master’s degree while they are still enrolled in an undergraduate program. Earn up to 15 graduate credit hours that count toward BOTH your undergraduate degree as well as accelerate your master’s degree program for a faster, cost-effective way to earn a master’s degree. If you’re thinking about pursuing a master’s immediately following your bachelor’s this option might be the right choice for you.  Your academic advisor can help you explore if this program is right for you.

Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Roll

Phi Theta Kappa has recognized Friends University as one of 40 top colleges and universities nationally as members of the inaugural Excellence in Community College Transfer Honor Roll. This honor roll identifies the top four-year colleges and universities for creating dynamic pathways to support community college transfer. The colleges were judged on engagement, collaboration, impact and achievements related to the transfer of community college students as well as partnerships, support, admissions outreach, scholarship/financial aid, student engagement opportunities and institutional priorities. In addition, students who transfer to Friends University from another regionally accredited higher education institution can transfer up to 69 credit hours!

Reverse Transfer

Recognizing reverse transfer as an important element of a collaborative and successful educational system, Kansas community colleges and Friends University work together to assist students to complete coursework for and attain all certificates and degrees for which they are eligible. Kansas community college students who transfer to Friends University may satisfy the requirements for completing their associate degree while attending Friends University. These credits may be transferred back to the community college creating a seamless transfer process for those students.

Additional Resources for Transfer Students