Art Challenge 2018 Registration

Art Challenge 2018 Registration

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Please read all directions thoroughly.

All registration will be online through the link provided below. In an effort to more effectively implement the challenges, there are limits set on the number of participants allowed per challenge. Additionally, there is a maximum number of students and/or teams allowed per school on some challenges. Visit the main art challenge page to read detailed descriptions of each challenge and the maximum number of students you may enroll per challenge. This will be important in assigning your students prior to completing the online form. Each high school will ONLY be allowed 50 students per high school.

There is NO registration fee and a complimentary lunch (Two pieces of pizza and water. Students wanting additional food may purchase in the snack bar.) is provided.

Students submitting artwork for the juried competition must be in attendance at Art Challenge.

The registration form will only provide options for enrollment for a set number per challenge. You will be prompted to select the number of students you are enrolling for each challenge. Once you have made that selection, the text boxes will become available to input the students’ names. Please note that the Art Masterpiece Chalk Mural Challenge runs during both sessions, so students entered in this challenge in Session One are automatically enrolled in this challenge in Session Two.

Students wishing to enroll in the Ad Layout Computer Challenge or Theme Mural Challenge may choose to enroll in it for EITHER Session One OR Session Two.

All other challenges are only offered for one session. Additionally, if you enter a team into the Quilling challenge, there MUST be exactly two members on the team. Each school is eligible to enroll one team only.

Students may choose to attend a presentation instead of a challenge, but are required to enroll in either a presentation or a challenge for each session.

Please be sure and complete all required fields or you will be redirected to the first page until you have done so.

If you experience difficulty with registering online or have questions about the process, please contact Robyn Mabe in the Fine Arts Office at 316-295-5548, or by email at

Fields marked with an * are required

Session 1

Handbuilding Challenge

Wire Sculpture Challenge

Torn Paper Collage Challenge

Logo Design

Ad Layout Computer Challenge

Theme Mural Relay Challenge

Art Masterpiece Challenge

Photography Challenge

Presenter: Kacy Meinecke Photography

Topic: Photography

Session 2

3x3 Throwing Challenge

Roll Paper Quilling Challenge

Ad Layout Computer Challenge

Quick Draw Challenge

Theme Mural Relay Challenge

Sketchbook Challenge

Presenter: Christopher Gulick

Topic: Sculpture

Short Film Challenge