Gifts of Stock

Gifts of publicly-traded securities are traditionally made when the securities have appreciated in value, creating a capital gains- and income-tax liability for the investor.

Using the stock market’s historical rate of return, a $20 share of stock purchased 12 years ago might now be worth over $45.  The resulting capital gains taxes on this difference may be nearly $6/share NOT including your state income tax rates which may be as high as 13.3%.  Gifting some or all of the securities being sold is a great way to avoid these taxes.  The best and easiest way of making a gift of stock to Friends University is by electronic transfer via your broker or banker (gift agent).  Simply direct your broker to transfer your shares to Friends University via our broker, State Street Bank & Trust. You will need to provide the following information:

State Street Bank & Trust Co
Participant # 997
SSB&T Account Number: FUBG

Wiring information (if necessary):
ABA #011000028
BNF: Friends University
AC #10369254

Notify Friends University’s broker of the order:

Kyle Coghlan
State Street Corporation
Institutional Investor Services
801 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, MO 64105
Phone: 816.871.1683
Fax: 617-786-2196

And finally, please notify Friends University of the pending gift and your preferred use of the funds by contacating:

Brie Boulanger, Director of Alumni Relations
Friends University
University Advancement
2100 W University Ave
Wichita, KS 67213
Phone: 316-295-5525
Fax: 316-295-5725

You can download the instructions here. Also, to process gifts of securities using other methods such as stock certificate and stock power, please contact State Street Bank for instructions.