2021 Latino Leaders

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Adrian Losa


Adrian Losa is from Houston, Texas where he graduated from Klein Collins High School. Adrian is a first generation college student and is majoring in psychology. He also participates on the Friends University Soccer team as a goalkeeper. Adrian’s main inspiration is his hard working father, Eduardo Losa. Adrian plans on becoming a successful marriage and family counselor.

Anthony Torres

Major: Marketing and Sports Marketing Minor

Anthony Torres-Ochoa is from Wichita, Kansas and graduated from Northeast Magnet in 2021. He is now a student at Friends University and is majoring in Marketing at the university. Anthony participates on the Friends University track and field and cross country teams.  Anthony plans to work in sports marketing in the future with a professional sports team. He loves his friends and family deeply and his son Aaron.

Carlos Vidrio

Major: Business Administration

Carlos Vidrio is from Guadalajara, Mexico and graduated high school from Eisenhower High School in Goddard, KS. Carlos plans to graduate with an MBA and hopefully own a business of his own one day. Carlos has played with FC Wichita for the last 6 years and signed his first USL contract with them this last year. Carlos signed to play soccer at Friends, and is a first generation student. “I want to be able to be proud of myself and make my family proud one day, they’ve worked too hard for me to fail”.

Halle Nagel

Major: Computer Systems & Information Systems and Business Administration

Halle Nagel is from Ulysses, Kansas and graduated from Ulysses High School. She is majoring in Criminal Justice anHalle Nagel is from Ulysses, Kansas and graduated from Ulysses High School. She is majoring in CSIS and Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. In addition to Latino Leadership, she is also part of the track and field team. At Friends, Halle hopes to grow in her two cultures and help others grow in theirs as well. She also wants to grow not only in her culture but also with God. She wants to continue on God’s path and be the example for others. Halle looks forward to what God has planned for her and what the future has yet to come. She lastly wants to give thanks to her family for being here with her every step towards her dreams.

Kayli Gonzales

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish

This is Kayli Gonzales. She is from McFarland California and graduated from McFarland High School. She is majoring in Criminal Justice and Spanish. Her goal is to graduate from Friends University and then attend Law School where she will study to become a Lawyer. The people who have inspired her the most are the members of her hometown because of the heavy immigrant community. Her goal is to help more immigrants get their green cards. In addition to Latino Leaders, Kayli is also participating in HALO and Friends University Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Aside from running, Kayli also enjoys going out with friends and painting in her free time.

Lillian Garcia

Major: Math Education and Spanish Minor

Lillian García is from Sylmar, California and graduated from Wichita North High School. Lillian is a first generation student attending Friends University.  Her goal is to major in Secondary Math Education and get a minor in Spanish as well. She would like to pursue a career as a High school math teacher. Lillian’s inspiration to further her education came from her parents who always pushed the idea to her and her sister that education was the biggest blessing they could ever receive. She is currently involved in Latino Leaders and in HALO. She hopes to get to know new people and make memories that last a lifetime.

Luz Ordonez Samaniego

Major: Spanish Education

Luz Ordonez Samaniego is from Denver, Colorado. She moved to Wichita, Kansas when she was about 8 years old. Luz is a first generation student. Her mother is from Durango, Mexico and her father is from Chihuahua, Mexico. She graduated from Northeast Magnet in May of 2021. Luz was always very active in her class and school; she was president of the Spanish Honor Society her senior year. At Friends, Luz hopes to continue her role as a leader and be active within the clubs. She hopes to be an example to first generation students and an encouragement to others to reach for their dreams.

Marisa Salazar

Major: Health Science

Marisa Salazar is from Houston, Texas and graduated from Jersey Village High School. She is majoring in Health Science and will pursue a career as a physical therapist. Marisa is a first-generation college student and hopes to be the first member of her family to earn her bachelor’s degree. Her biggest inspiration for doing well in school and succeeding in life is her mother, Esperanza Gamez. Marisa is a part of the new up and coming Wrestling team and is excited to help make this new program successful. She hopes to be a positive influence on campus while doing well in her academics.

Christina Roberts

Major: Health Science

Christina Roberts is from Flower Mound, Texas and attended Marcus High School. She is majoring in health science in hopes of becoming a veterinarian in the future. Someone that inspires her would be her older brother, Brendan, who never failed to show her love and full support. Christina is committed to soccer at Friends and is excited to meet new friends and grow as an individual.