Music Theatre Virtual Audition Requirements


Please submit an internet link including 60-90 seconds of dance, in whatever dance discipline you are most comfortable with: jazz, ballet, modern, African, hip hop, lyrical, or contemporary.

Please wear some basic dance wear. Women should wear character shoes, jazz shoes or ballet slippers, leotards, tights, dance skirts or non-bulky warm-up wear. Men should wear jazz or ballet shoes, tights or sweatpants and t-shirt.

Place the camera so your entire body is in the frame at all times. Additional material could be a self-choreographed or a solo video of you featured in a show, competition, or other performance.


Perform a memorized, 1-2-minute contemporary dramatic or comic monologue or a piece from a published play (this should be presented in your natural voice without dialects, etc). This may be presented ‘live’ during your Zoom interview with theater or music theater faculty. Whenever possible, ‘live’ presentations are preferred. Alternatively, you may present a recent, pre-recorded unit of a dramatic or comic monologue or scene which primarily features you. A secondary, contrasting contemporary monologue may also be requested by the attending faculty.

Vocal Music 

  1. Present a prepared vocal solo (any style) – You may submit a recording of a performance or you may perform your song for us live via Zoom. You may use live or recorded accompaniment.
  2. Complete a live choral audition via Zoom – Choral faculty will evaluate your range, sight-singing and tonal memory.  This will be combined with your solo presentation if you are performing live.

Video Guidelines

Please upload any video to your preferred cloud-based video storage site (YouTube, VIMEO, Google Drive, One-Drive, iCloud, etc.) and send a URL by e-mail to your primary faculty contact or Joice Henry, Director of Musical Theatre at

If you submit a performance video, please submit 2-5 clips total, (not for each area) that represent your best work. Each clip should be only 60-90 seconds and no more than 3 minutes in length, per segment.

If you submit a video (or link) of a longer work, please indicate the point in the recording at which viewing should begin. Please also include the name of the work, location, and performance dates for each video. Audition recordings that represent more than one area are acceptable (i.e. a song presentation in which you are singing and dancing).