Friends University to offer 4+1 MBA program

Starting this fall, some Friends University students will have the option to complete both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree in five years.

The new program allows traditional undergraduate students enrolled in psychology, sociology and criminal justice to enroll in graduate-level courses during their senior year. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, students may complete the Professional MBA degree in the Graduate School during the fifth year of their education.

“The 4+1 MBA gives students in the expanding marketplace the option to earn higher starting salaries and save money on graduate tuition,” said Dr. David Hofmeister, dean of the Graduate School and the College of Adult and Professional Studies. “We are excited to welcome even more students interested in MBA degrees at a faster, more affordable rate. It is an incredible opportunity for graduates wanting to enter the workforce a step ahead of their competition.”

Students must apply and be accepted into the Graduate School at the end of their junior year. Beginning their senior year, students will pay regular undergraduate tuition and receive dual credits (undergraduate and graduate) for the graduate-level courses they complete (up to 12 hours). Students will pay graduate tuition during their fifth year of study, typically a remaining 18 hours.

Students in the 4+1 MBA program may earn the Professional MBA with concentrations in change management, accounting, health care leadership, or supply chain management and logistics.

If you’re interested in learning more about Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program, please contact Preston Todd, Assistant Dean of the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education at or 316-295-5623.

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