Friends University dedicates cyber security lab to give cyber security students hands-on training

Friends University dedicated its new state-of-the-industry cyber lab today. The cyber lab is one of only two of its kind in a university setting in the United States.

The cyber lab offers cyber security students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s programs at Friends to learn and practice real-time attack and defense mechanisms. The lab utilizes the most comprehensive cyber defense training platform available.

“The platform, which was developed by Metova, employs the most powerful and effective suite of tools ever developed to prepare for the most sophisticated cyber attacks,” said Jonathan Lanning, program director of cyber security and assistant professor of cyber security. “The lab will help students learn the cyberspace environment through a hands-on approach.”

Through the lab’s modern physical equipment and operating systems, students will experience how the cyberspace environment functions. They will learn virtualization technologies, network architectures, information security and cryptography as well as the laws, policies and regulations that govern cyberspace.

Faculty teaching in the programs have extensive backgrounds in cyber security. Lanning, who oversees the master’s program, came to Friends from the Air Force and continues to serve with the Kansas Air National Guard. Justin Eichorn serves as assistant professor of cyber defense and program director of adult computer information systems and cyber security. He also has a military background and formerly worked at Koch.

Friends University worked closely with McConnell Air Force Base and its 184th Intelligence Wing to develop the new cyber security programs.

“Friends is pleased to provide cyber security students professional and active experiences,” said Dr. David Hofmeister, dean of the College of Adult and Professional Studies and the Graduate School. “Earlier this year, the Global Information Security Workforce Study predicted a shortage of 1.8 million cyber security professionals by 2022, and Friends’ cyber lab will help equip the protectors of the next generation.”

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