Friends University adds three new MBA concentrations

Friends University is now offering three new concentrations—cyber security, finance and human resources—for the Professional MBA and Global MBA Programs. These new concentrations, which each consist of approximately four to six courses, will equip graduates to be specialists and leaders in their fields.

“In a society becoming more advanced every day, Friends University is pleased to offer three new concentrations, which enable students to enter their field as business leaders,” said Dr. David Hofmeister, dean of the College of Adult and Professional Studies and the Graduate School. “The three new concentrations enhance our student-centric MBA programs to give students seven total concentration options to tailor their education leading to lifelong career success.”

Students completing the cyber security concentration learn the basics of cyber threats, cyber law, information controls and network/systems security administration. This program, comprised of four courses, prepares students to be leaders in technology within their companies.

The finance concentration prepares students to apply ethics in finance and public policy, evaluate an organization’s overall financial health, utilize financial instruments and tools to construct and manage a global portfolio, and assess risk associated with investing in international markets. The concentration’s four courses enable student to combine their advanced business administration skills with specialized skills in corporate finance.

The human resource concentration equips students for strategic talent management. By completing the required five or six courses depending upon interests, students learn both strategic and analytical skills necessary to apply talent management in the workplace. This concentration prepares students for organizational decision making with talent recruitment, personnel management, productivity, compensation, and compliance.

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