Friends University to offer entrepreneurship workshops this fall

Friends University is launching a series of workshops designed to create intersections of opportunity where entrepreneurs, faculty and business professionals can come together to mentor, teach, learn and discuss entrepreneurship and business concepts.

The workshop series is scheduled to begin in October and will feature a variety of speakers and topics to better equip aspiring or current business owners. Each workshop will be approximately four hours and will be presented at Friends University’s campus in Wichita.

“Given the recent Chung report, now is the perfect opportunity to promote and support entrepreneurship that promotes economic development,” said Dr. Amy Bragg Carey, president of Friends University. “This workshop series provides those who have an innovative idea with the skills needed to get their business off the ground and thriving. It is a win for both the business owner/entrepreneur and the Wichita community.”

Vice Mayor of Wichita Bryan Frye will begin this series with opening remarks for the first workshop, “Innovations in Business Start-ups,” Friday, Oct. 5. This workshop features guest speakers Mike Snyder and Bruce Rowley from RSM Marketing who are collaborating with Friends University Assistant Professor of Business Management Sean Cash to show attendees about innovative methods to successfully start a business and how existing businesses can efficiently change their business model in response to changes in the market. Snyder, Rowley and Cash will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going virtual vs. brick/mortar.  Participants will also learn how to iterate the business model often and best practices for talking and listening to customers. Finally, participants will learn methods for determining when to outsource services and when to hire in house employees. Snyder and Rowley are the founders of RSM Marketing, one of the fastest-growing local marketing firms in Wichita.

To register and learn more about upcoming workshops, please visit

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