Friends University Congratulates Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre, first SAFE ® BARRE ballet instructor in USA

Wichita, KS- The Friends University ballet program will be the first in the USA to integrate the groundbreaking SAFE® BARRE method into its training, thanks to director Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre who acquired her coaching certificate in Paris this summer.
This innovative barre training interconnects biomechanics and ballet. It pushes one not only physically, but mentally to a deeper understanding of the body’s natural abilities. The method was founded by french principal ballet dancer, Alexandre Munz. 

“The power of this award-winning training is that it makes you move through technical figures with ease and efficiency. No matter your level of training, you will discover new entry doors and amazing new resources that lie in you,” said Vazquez-Aguirre.

The method has already been used on the ballet students at Friends University with much success as validated by sophomore, Alicia Panzer. “One of the downfalls of traditional ballet training is that it tends to isolate the body from itself and break it down into segments. SAFE® BARRE has been a wonderful journey of learning to think of my body as a whole; it has introduced a new sense of integration and ease into my dancing.”

For more information on Friends University’s ballet program or the SAFE® BARRE method, contact Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre at

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